pH & Moisture measure

Hey again ,

I have a situation here … i recenlty bough a Natcare Duo Terra (pH and Moisture measure thingy) … I did tried it for first time today in my soil to check things out … the pH on all 5 plants was like 6.5 and the moisture was A to B (Dry to a bit wet) … Is there a way i coud check if this thing works correct ? I have a suspision that it aint working propper :slight_smile:

Woud be very apriciated !

What does it register your water at? That is what I would test.

It counts soils pH , not waters ;/

You stick a probe into the soil to get a reading, right? Where do you think the wetness comes from? Have you tried what I suggested, or just dismissed the idea?

Water should be your highest WET indicator , you said you had A_B. Is that it? I would imagine if you set the probe in a glass of water it would register WET! PH is PH. Either the probe can measure it o, or not. Peace

To be honest , i havent because i didnt understood what you suggested(didnt mend to be smart or smthn!my english are poor mate really sry) …
But now i get it ! Will do that thanks :slight_smile:

No worries mate! :slight_smile: I am glad I could give you something to try.