Ph moisture light meter

can anyone suggest a good moisture ph light tester. I bought apine Soil Moister Meter, 3 in 1 Soil pH Tester, Soil Test Kit for Lawns, Garden, Farm, House, Indoor, Outdoor, Hydrometer for Plants… It says my soil is very moist but I put my finger in and it feels dry. I really want to do this right ! very frustrated!

You must have some long fingers to reach deep down into the pot :joy::grin::crazy_face:

Jokes aside, sticking your finger in the top few inches isn’t going to tell you much, the top is going to dry out first, while the bottom will still be wet. Ask yourself a few questions, when was the last time I watered?, how big is my pot compared to my plant ? Best way I found is to lift up the pots, get used to the weight after watering, then wait a few days see how it feels. Big plants in a smaller pot will dry out faster than a little plant in a big pot. As for the meter, I have a hard time trusting those, I had two, one was reading wet, other completely dry. Definitely don’t trust the ph readings


Apera 20 is a good meter. The ones u stick in soil are not reliable. Bluelab is good brand.


Get quality ph and tds/ec/ppm testers and don’t worry about the light meter. That 3in1 job doesn’t do a good job at any of the 3.