PH Moisture, and Light Meter

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I am wandering if anyone has used one of these. I try to keep my girls in the moist range. 66 days from seed jack herer autoflower. 12 12 since 5/20

I do. But I rip off the ph probe. I don’t try and keep them moist. I let them dry out to about 2 (that’s about when the soil stops sticking to the probe).

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Useless for pH. The light meter means almost nothing. The moisture reader is ok, but once you learn your plants you know when to water.


I bought 4 of them and they stopped working within a week what a waste,
It’s so easy to know if your plants need water, feel your soil with your finger or lift the pot and feel the weight eventually you can just look at them and know.
Wish they were better quality because my roomates are still learning how to tell when to water lol