PH METERS Best bang for buck

I need a meter , a little overwhelmed with all the different choices . Which kind would be best for outdoor , in soil ? Personal use , so don’t need anything “fancy” not growing a forest …And money is tight . Which one is best “bang for buck” ? ITS THAT TIME ! ! Got a dozen “tadpoles” in the germination tray !

This one that I and a lot of other folks here use. Comes with a complete kit with everything you need


I second the Apera: very good unit. You will need PH up and down. I also bought a bottle of 7.0 Standard Reference Solution which makes it really easy to check.

u don’t need a pH meter in soil,
just add plenty of compost, maybe a little lime and worm castings, and high P bat guano when pistols appear.!!

it would be a good idea to get a simple soil analysis,
they r free in my state thru the extension office.!
this is not necessary, enough good compost will balance any soil.!!

That apera is a very good ph meter and can swap the tips and calibrates very easy to. The cheap ones are o.k. but when they won’t hold their calibration that is where you get into trouble i messed up my blue dream it never really recovered even after i got the apera but there’s 2 things you absolutely should not skimp on one a ph meter with reference solution to check and calibrate it every 2 weeks and your light’s there’s so much stuff for sale on Craigslist and offer up because of people burning up their crop and sell every thing.

I bought a cheap 18$ one and used it for almost a year. It wouldn’t stay calibrated. I ended up buying Apera also.

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The apera pH20 does not have replaceable tips, (I learned the hard way). The pH60 does have replaceable tips.


lol I remember buying several with replaceable tips. That is, until ya find out the tips to replace them cost more than the meter.

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Yeah, the tips for the pH60 are like $30. A whole new pH20 is $50…

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Sorry about that mine is the replaceable tips one didn’t mean to confuse or misinformation