PH meter? What one

What PH meter is everyone using toss a link below.
I ordered the cheapest one I could fof amazon that had prime and its on its way back, for 15$ and its one of the yellow looking ones that would never hold a solid reading and couldn’t calibrate it didn’t seem to matter.
Ideally ide like to keep it under 50$ but let’s see what you got.

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I got and like this one, I have had no problems using it and have never done PH before in my life. It’s easy to calibrate and digital, makes it easy to read and use.

I use Bluleab its its about apx $70 …go to amazon…its worth it.

I used this one when I bothered with pH. It worked well.


that’s one beautiful fish Denmar !:fish:

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I’m in Canada =p
I’ll pay for shipping thought!

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Michigan ain’t that far. But I’m going nowhere until this Arctic nonsense subsides.

I dig the concept…but the sharing of addresses and such is rather frowned upon, or so i hear.


Well how about you just ship it to my local ups store attention “Nicky” COD =p then we’re technically not sharing addresses lol

Testo PH pen

I had an Apera ph20. Great ph meter except the bulb wasn’t replaceable. After I broke it, I bought the ph60.

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I have the Apera p20 as well.

That’s a 32 pound King Salmon off the coast of Alaska :slight_smile:

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