PH meter that works

What is the best inexpensive PH meter that works

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I use an Apera, think it was around 50 bucks. I tried the cheaper ones, and went through 3 of them. My Apera has been good for 3 yrs so far and still going…


I use an Apera ph20 right around $50. Some will go with the model 60 because it has replaceable probe.
Fast, accurate and reliable


Just got the Apera ph20 today. Am a newbie myself, and have been told by lots that a ph meter isn’t one of those things to skimp on. After tax it was $53 and change.


Hanna is the same price range ,pretty good in my opinion worth checking out

Apera PH 20 as well. Good luck! :v::+1:t2::sunglasses:

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apera 20 as well

@Quamer, red, or blue 4:1 from Amazon, whatever you do do not get the yellow and black one, I’ll tell you why one day I dropped in one of the bowls and I grabbed it and I didn’t know it through my reading off by 47 or .48. I drop the blue one and I drop the red one in bowls and they still work perfect. I hope this helps you.

They have many names, I have a problem with my hands because of my disability so I drop a lot of shit so this is my second one and it works great