PH Meter suggestions


I am going to do my first grow in soil, what is a decent PH meter that is recommended that won’t break the bank…?


This is the meter I use.
I choose This one because it came with a small bottle of calibration solution.


Not Breaking the bank has different meanings for different people. Did you have a budget in mind?
You can get one like this for cheap.

However Ive seen a lot of grows go south on here from it not staying in calibration. IF your willing to check the calibration EVERY time you use it, you could get by with it. But you would probably end up buying something better any way.
Something more in the $50 range will be a lot more reliable. Mine cost $150 and worth it to me after messing with those cheap ones. PH is a VERY important part of your grow, so you want to make sure you have a reliable meter to keep it in range.



Or if you afford to spend 43$ do a search on Amazon for “Apera Instruments AI209 PH20 Value Waterproof pH Pocket Tester” and it’s the hol kit…


Perfect, thanks guys. I don’t have a budget per se as I don’t know much about PH meters to even begin to formulate a budget.


I’ll make this recommendation buy the best one your budget can afford @dmykins
You can’t be accurate enough when talking ph meters I have three total ranging from 20 to 300 $
All work just get more accurate the higher you go
@Rugar89 can tell you this as well he also works with a nice meter :+1:


Sounds good. Hopefully not a stupid question, is there a meter for soil and a meter for liquids? I just want to make sure I’m looking at the right type…and I measure the pH of the plant runoff correct?


I got a cheap one, and it seems to work OK, but I find myself double-checking it with a test kit. I think the problem is that there is a calibration that you are supposed to do (and can screw up).

I am leaning towards getting a big-volume tester for a pool. rH, pH, Chlorine, etc. they make multi-tester strips with like 6 different assessments. Right now the swimming pool stores are getting ready to put everything on sale. Just an idea.


Just get digital ph meter you’ll be testing runnoff and ph of you water in and nute mix in :+1: @dmykins
You’ll want a tds meter as well FYI
Stay away from the two probe soil meters the dont work for ph
Moisture reading they work ok tho
Happy growing :cowboy_hat_face: :v:️ CB


This is the meter I use. I think it’s incredible, and I haven’t needed to recalibrate it since I first bought it! Comes with actual liquid pH calibration solution too!



@ktreez420 I ordered it today, arrives Sunday!


You will very happy for a very long time lol!



Hi, I recommend a Jellas Pocket Size pH Meter. The price is very reasonable, and it works real quick.


@ktreez420 The meter is wonderful. It just seems so well made compared the other cheaper one I purchased. Quick question, if you use it every watering, do you still store it with the 4.00PH solution in the cap? Or is that only if you aren’t going to use it for an extended period of time?


@dmykins, store it with the solution in the cap. That’s why they call it storage solution :blush:.


@Myfriendis410 all set. It is amazing how nice the PH meter is. And it is also crazy how little of pH down I needed to go from 7PH water to 6.5 PH