PH meter and PPM

What is the best PH meter out and PPM meter I bought vivosun combo came with both but I feel like they are both off bad

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I’m using those and haven’t had any problems after setting them up right. I also second check my PH with general hydroponics ph test kit to make sure, can go wrong double checking. I believe the best to get or the blue lab ph pen, ppm and soil tester but their a little pricey.

Does yours start off high and slowly go down? When it does that I just feel off about it lol maybe I’m just overthinking it

I use and Apera PH20 for pH and a cheap ppm meter. The Apera was around 40 bucks.

Do you have reference solution to make sure you pH pen is accurate?

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Mine varys depending on with Buyes I use like calmg liquid seaweed etc each one can raise or lower the ph so I usually mix my nutes then I check

Yes the buffer packs help you fine tune your meter in

It came with 3 little packs said to dump in X amount of water and test but it only sent those 3 no extras

I would get reference/calibration solution like this

I use it to check my meter every time I turn it on to make sure it’s accurate. If for some reason it is not, I can use the solution to re-calibrate the meter.


I had a ph tester that would do that and felt the same way end up just dishing out for the blue lab ph an ppm meter combo pack on amazon came with storage solution and 3 of each calibration powder they work flawlessly Bluelab PENGTB Grower’s Toolbox with pH Pen, Conductivity Pen and Probe Care Kits

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Another vote for the bluelab. I use mine everywhere. All my houseplants, my greenhouse plants and my herbs all get checked using it. Trust it 100%, great bit of kit

Does this set he put a link for have a soil PH tester as well?

This is mine but that link does look like you get both. Need to scope it out though

There are several good PH meters on the market. Apera blue lab, Milwaukee. Just don’t buy a cheap pH meter, They are bad to drift, And you will be chasing calibration. I also like to keep a new clean bottle of 7 pH solution just to verify my meter when in doubt. It’s a good habit To clean probe and dry with a cotton ball between going from 7 solution to 4 solution during calibration Or to verify. This Will keep you from contaminating Your solution. Have fun with your grow.

Instead of starting a new thread regarding PH meters, I would like to just ask the question here…unfortunately I just broke the probe on my Apera PH20, is the PH60 a far superior product to the PH20 for the price?

Regarding the blue labs, I thought i read somewhere that you need to use their calibration solutions.

I have the GH 7 and 4 reference solution already, so ideally I would like suggestions on a pen that I can calibrate using the solutions I already have.

Thank you, and sorry for hijacking the thread a bit.

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It’s superior in the fact that you can replace the probe if broken. That’s about it. So if you were to break the probe on that one, it’ll be around $30 to replace it instead of $50 to replace the ph20

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