Ph? Lockout and they are dying

I have my girls that just went in to flower 3 weeks ago and that was my first mistake throwing them in to flower so fast after cold shock. So I transplanted them in to 1 bag happy frog 1 bag reg soil to not burn anything and perlite and a block of coco to keep the water moving air??? But I am a dwc guy. I like thinks to happen over night not weeks latter. So I did the slurry test and it was 5.4 5.5 ph. I amended 2"down and put 4 tbl spoons in each 5 gallon smart pot. I just watered last night with more food and more ph up. Is there anything I can spray on the leafs to help it? I think as soon as I saw this I should have taken. Them out of flower. That’s what really messed it up. Needed in plenty of P but it was way locked out of p. Do that was its first sign. My veg plants just did show the first signs of it but it’s because they are in veg. They look so bad I want to throw them out but I will have the same problems with the next set of this one does not get fixed. Anything to check now? No need to check ppm with the ph like it is

Well I would’ve recommended flushing with correct ph’d water 3-4 times containers volume measuring run-off until your ph was where you wanted it then feeding to add the lacking nutes to the soil. Sounds to me like a salt build up is leading to the ph issue more than anything if not addressed the issue will simply remain. Your ppm measurement would be quite useful actually since just like in dwc as plants drink water they leave behind nutes these build up and become toxic. I flush my soil before flower every grow aim for a ppm under 300 then feed some recommend flushing several times during any grow but I know with my feeding routine once gets me back on track.

Check your ppm Ph is the result of an issue if you know you have been adding correctly ph’d water to feed and water treat it like a symptom not the only issue I suspect

May I ask on the 3 to 4 flushes. Is that back to back until I get the ph I want? Or one flush let it dry flush dry? They are not drinking. I did throw them back in to veg so that they didn’t have to work as hard blooming. But I hope that too isn’t going to hurt them more. I really understand and appreciate your advice about the flush and I think you mean back to back after thinking about it. To get to my ph level. Then used ph’ed water to feed. And truly if my water is always ph’ed it should not change? Am I almost on the right page?

Also if my soil is wet now? Should I do it now or let it dry out a bit? Turn the top 2" over and try and get it dry?

I mean rinse/flush wet or not the end result will be the same wet soil for few days just like watering but rinse is the idea giving a clean low ppm media to start again

leave them in flower you don’t want to double the stress I haven’t seen pics so if they are in that rough of shape by all means dis-reguard and go back to veg. Even if end result of flush is a bit out of ph sweet spot you can slowly adjust during future waterings