Ph level in water/soil

I am growing outdoors in 5gal buckets and I’m trying to get a handle on the pH levels in my soil. I’ve used a soil test kit and a soil pH probe and the findings are around 7.5. I have also tested the tap water in my home at it is 8. I know to test before and after I add nutes to the water. I have ordered pH down to adjust. My question is: do I add the pH down Everytime I feed and Everytime I just water? Or only when I feed?

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I do NOT grow outdoors. To answer your question, yes pH water only days, and pH water after adding nutes. After you add each nute, you want to mix it well, than add next, etc…than before adding, pH it to 6.5.

On a side note, those pH probes, the 3 n 1 meters are very inaccurate. I’d get a digital PH meter, if you don’t already have one.

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@Zee I have a digi but it not for soil, just liquid. Should I invest in a good soil one also or just go by the fact the runoff tests well and I’m feeding and watering with correct pH ?

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I use my digital to check soil by using the run off water. No need for a soil check if you water to run off. Smart move, helps flush out salts, and excess nutes :slight_smile: