PH level in runoff

I have always adjusted ph level after adding the nutrients and fed my plants. I grow in soil and use FF nutrients. The last feeding my ph level was at 6.6. The ph in my runoff was 5.45. Someone told me I should adjust my ph higher to compensate for the drop to get the proper ph at the roots. Does that sound correct ? I think the proper ph going in is where it should be

5.45 is really low and will lead to problems. Please tell us more:

What soil are you using? (Brand and type)
Are you pHing the nute mixture before feeding your plants, or are you adding pHed water after you’ve fed them. I wasn’t clear on that.
How old is your plant and how long has it been in the soil? If it has been a while a flush to correct pH may be in order since salt buildup can make it impossible to manage pH.

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Going in with a super high PH trying to correct things will only make the problem worse. What you should do is mix up a batch of 6.5ph’d water and flush the medium out until the ph is matching. Never go up high with your ph trying to correct an issue


:point_up_2: solid advice. Raising one to equate the other is a rabbit hole.

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I use Ocean forest soil and fox farm nutes. I use RO water and Ph after adding nutes or just ph the water if I’m just watering. These 2 plants are Black Dominas that are 6 weeks into flower. Normally by this time I’d be giving them just water anyway. It didn’t sound right to me to raise the ph because of the runoff. I just think the bud development should be further along. when I access the forum from my phone I’ll post a photo to show what I’m talking about. I thought a salt buildup was primarily if you are using Coco or some medium like that

I grow in FF Happy Frog and have to flush a couple of times in flowering to keep the salt down and keep pH under control.

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@Steve11 salt is what the plant gets rid of as waste. Kinda like poo. I like to flush with Florakleen once before going into flower and then 2 weeks before I harvest her. If I see a build up of salt on the outside of my fabric pots I may flush but depends on how much build up.


I usually flush with Sledgehammer, but I think Florakleen is the same thing. They are just rinsing agents. Fox Farm soils will go back to ~6.5 naturally after being given a good flush.

No need to go through a bunch of gallons of water pHed too high and mess things up by using a flushing agent. If you flush with one of them, be sure to add back a full suite of nutes on the next watering, including Big Bloom for micromutrients and cal/mag too. It will have all been washed away by the flush and saturated soil won’t absorb nutes.


If outdoors you can top dress with a couple of tablespoons of dolomite lime to bring native PH up.


Thanks but they are indoors. I’ve always wanted to do an outdoor grow

I have sledgehammer

Thanks to everyone who has offered help and suggestions!

You can still top dress with Dolomite lime.


Baking soda can also be used to raise PH and Cider vinegar to lower it :+1: :tumbler_glass: :v: