PH level help needed

There is one thing els that’s been bothering me my soil is reading 4.3 PH and my feed is 4.4 I’m using coco pro soil and the nutrients coca A&B now on 40% 10L water. It used to be 6PH for both water and soil I have read some articles on here but I’m totally baffled tbf the plants look happy should I lay off the nutrition feed and just feel plain water my plants are now 37 days old and I have them on a 12-12 light cycle

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Start flushing straight away with PH 6.5 until you get run off where you need it. Dont stop flushing until you reach 5.7 - 6.3. Dont delay!!

You can add nutes back in after your PH is back within range. Flush flush flush!!!

Or don’t even bother ph just put straight 7ph tap water through them

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4.4PH is :scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream: time to take action!!!

And if you want to make sure your flushing properly fill those pots up to the very brim with water and let it flow through and keep them full for at least 5mins with the tap on slow while it runs through.

You can bring it back down from 7 quite easily.


Also at 4.4 I would go as far as breaking the light cycle to correct the pH if your at lights out right now.

But if you are at lights out maybe best to wait for another opinion

what Is the proper PH for both is it 6ph so ideally 3 a peace

Light are on at the moment and have just been turned to a 12/12 as of this morning should I go back to 18-5 as the new light cycle hasn’t kicked in yet

Each plant on it’s own needs a PH between 5.5 - 6.5


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Brother you need to act now or your plants will be dead.

You have two plants you have two pots

Each pot (plant) pH needs to be between 5.5 and 6.5

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The plants have only been given a litre each of the new food as normally they would be at that point 5.5 PH so should I now drop the PH in the new food to 1.1 and feed with pure water

If your pH right now is 4.4 you need to forget about feeding the plants because the plants are not eating… you need to flush all acid from your pots and get your PH back to between 5.5 and 6.5


Right I’ll get on that now

Don’t bother trying to pH the water just use tap water at pH 7 or whatever it is and get the pH back above 5.7 ideally around 6

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I’m in Scotland the water out the tap is 5.5PH so I’m going to flush the both under a tap for 5 mins shall I replace the lost coca soil

Use the 5.5 for now that’s fine. you can adjust the pH once you have all the acidity washed from the Coca.

Worry about adding more coca later… flush my man, flush!!


@Watters. Generally you want 3 times the pot volume of water to properly flush. Should be ideally 5.8 for coco being soil less but the 5.5 will get you close. Good luck. Peace. :v:


I’ll do it shortly when next door go to work :rofl:


I think I’m more anxious than you right now haha… I’m yelling at you through my phone :sweat_smile:


Dude thanks and I’m on it right now so flush for now 10 mins as there is 25L soil x3

So that’s 75L water and I’m ideally looking to bring the PH down to 3 for soil ideally