PH level for DWC grow

What is the best PH level for DWC grow. I need your help and any other advice for this type of grow. Thanks

The sweet spot is 5.8

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@Niala Thanks that’s what i’ve been hearing. Just wanted to make sure.

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I keep 5.8 but you have to check it every day,it does change


@Happygrow I herd you have to keep a close eye on this type of grow, but i hear it’s worth it. thanks for info.

You really do but talk about fast growth

5.8 is sweet spot but it can drift 5.5-6.2 I try not to keep it strictly at 5.8 since a little drift makes other nutrients slightly more available and constantly adjusting ph up and down adds to your ppm. All I am saying is you can get see saw effect while adjusting for that perfect ph adding acids and bases to raise and lower changes ppm and very easy to over adjust than find yourself having to raise or lower again. Basically if it’s 6.3 adjust 5.4 adjust if you get within 5.7-5.9 leave it trying to get it perfect can be a dance of ph up than ph down each adding to ppm with crap your plants don’t need


this chart shows the nutrients available through that pH drift


Bnunu, look’s like the folks have put together a very good answer, for you accurate

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5.8 seems a bit acidic and ive read other info that points towards 7.0 … just bit confused is all and I’m not saying your wrong just as with everything on the net there is hundreds of answers could you just explain a bit more as to why leaning towards acidic ?

Closer to 7 is fine for a soil grow. A hydro grow needs in the high 5.x range for proper nutrient uptake.

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The right Ph has to do with what stage you are at (vegetative or flowering), and also with the nutrients you are using.
Typically you want 6.1 for a vegetative state and 5.7 or 5.8 for flowering. The nutrient manufacturer will typically tell you what works best for their nutrients. My favourite brand says 5.7 for flowering.