PH issues watering ph was off, flush and day after

Total dissolved solids. EC and PPM are the same thing.


If soil is still damp that is ok. If I’m reading right, it’s been a few days since flush, it’s fine. Depending on what the PPM’s now in soil would depend on how much to feed. I don’t think she is starving, but she is hungry most likely.

Okay so my ph meter is a ppm meter how do I get the ppm just pour a bit of water and let it drain off?

You got it. Pour water through, let it drain and collect the last bit that drains out.


@Borderryan Do you think it Might be a good idea to start adding a small dose of calmag as well? FF soils are lacking IMO

Wouldn’t hurt in between feedings.

@Borderryan @MidwestGuy @spankyjr1
So one of the ladies seem to still be showing signs of high pH distress ( tips of the new leaf growth yellow few older leaves getting rust and yellowing) and the stupid pH meter crapped out again so I’ll have a new one in the morning to mid afternoon. I’m going to give them a good watering tomorrow in about 7.0 pH water and test the run off pH and the ppm on all three and come back here and let y’all know what the readings were so y’all can help me decide what to do if y’all don’t mind.

Won’t have any cal mag until next month unfortunately.

Pictures and run off numbers will help to diagnose
New growth is usually lighter in color
Add 1 teaspoon of Epson salt per gallon when watering today until you can get calmag
It will help with yellowing and rust spots it’s full of magnesium

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Okay so here are the numbers
Left plant pH runoff 6.2 ppm 1630
Center plant pH runoff 6.6 ppm 940
Right plant pH runoff 6.4 ppm 1870
@MidwestGuy @spankyjr1 @Borderryan

These numbers are pretty decent. Left and right are a bit high, but if you aren’t experiencing problems…

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Just the tips of the new leaf growth are yellow a bit.

Could be a touch of nitrogen toxicity, but it’s not really enough to worry too much about.

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Awesome good! No need to flush and they are feed pretty well then! Just put them back under the light and let them grow. Now are these flowers starting?

Yes, it looks like it.

Your numbers are okay. I wouldn’t flush. Just keep and eye out for problems with the higher PPMs.

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@Borderryan @MidwestGuy
So I got up this morning and my leaves were on the droopy side a bit so I checked my pots and they were needing to be watered so I watered them it’s been about two hours since then and I think they have gotten droopyer ! Should I just give it some more time or do I need to be checking for other issues here are the contrast pics from last night and this morning.

It’s not uncommon for plants to droop for a few hours after watering (or when dry.) Give them a few hours. They look healthy and should be fine.


Okay good! Just being an over concerned parent! It’s like having children I swear! Lol

First thing at lights on mine are a tad droopy. They should perk up as they get that water up in em!

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@MidwestGuy @Borderryan They did perk back up. So crazy, whenever I see them droopy I always think something is wrong and its not. I’m just so impatient instead of just waiting a few hours to see if they perk back up I get on here freaking out. My bad guys.