Ph issues on the small one idkk& any of yall think in running out of head space

Any one know whats up with her ive been haveing some issues with this one

Processing: 16520337372708906594818196517958.jpg… any help is appreciated… but think i should keep em small before i flip feel like im running out of head space they are pretty tall for gdp idk what to do!!! @Nicky

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What is it growing in?
If soil or coco what kinda run-off ppm and ph numbers have you been getting?
Looks nice size to flower but i wouldn’t flip this one till she looked happier

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Im in autopot system coco nd perlight, and i haven’t been checking runoff ph or ppm. Tbh but she looks better compared to like 1-2 weeks ago !! @1HappyPappy

PH too high? Too low?

What are you feeding, how often? What size is the res and how often do you check the pH in the reservoir?

I try to keep my res at 5.8 an ppms for feed is at ph is at 5.9 in the one pot an 1196 ppm in tray

914 in ny res ppms

Hm. Sounds right for parameters. All I can think is its reactivity to when the parameters fell out of whack.

Only real recommendation I have is to add some recharge to the trays (not the Rez, it’ll gum up your lines) - and add some Microbes to the feed water next time you refill/top off your Rez. Tribus, fish shit, billions, great white, orca, etc. One of those or any mix thereof - they root zone will recover faster if you can reintroduce the microbial life into the system. :v:

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I only added base nutes this round with root drip and slf and think thats it wanted to do a Test, when i have been useing my microbes like orca and fish shit my res gets dirty quick this time its still clear after couple of days, im still pretty new to auto pot

But i have recharge so just top feed with it??

Don’t top feed, mix up some in a cup of water and add it to the tray where the float is. If the microbes are gooping up the reservoir, you can add those to the tray directly too.

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