PH issues need advice

I don’t PH my water or anything. I know where it’s at and I’m growing outdoors with soil so it’s different and one of my fellow growers and myself did a test. We use the heat from the sun in our soil and ran a really high pH to see if the sun heat and the soil would adjust the pH for usAnd today we learned that it does and brings the pH down. This is what we do so I just wanted to let you know.

My buddy is the same way. He gets a clone from a friend of ours every year. He sticks it in a pot and gives it Mirical Grow once a week. He’s got this full bushy plant going that huge. He grows one every year and that’s his stash.

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I just saw this today. I use organic lemon juice concentrate. It takes about roughly 1 tablespoon to pH my tap water from 7.7 down to 6.3. I’ve read some that the actual pH Up/Down can cause root issues here and there from deposit buildup. I’ve only got 2 going, so it’s not a huge expense.

I checked my PH in the soil as they said it is 6.5 good ,?