Ph issues in my reservoir

Just started using an auto watering/nute system and I’m finding that my ph rises significantly within a day growing in coco and starting my ph about 5.6 within a day it’s at 6.3 is this normal and can I control it other than using ph down every day.

Normal based on the hardness of your water. Ph down everyday is acceptable, or you can let the ph wander a bit. You could add aeration to the water, and it probably would help.


Thanks Covertgrower I do have a small pump to keep the nute solution moving. I appreciate your input.

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Aeration will likely cause greater ph swings. How large is your res? Increasing the size would likely slow it down some.

Try a product called Torus PerfectPH, it is a gadget you drop in your rez and it keeps ph within an acceptable range.

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Thanks FrostyBuds I will check that out.

My rez is 12 gallons but I’m only using about 6 of it right now. Lots to learn yet I appreciate your input.

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Same problem here, following.

Do you have a build up of algie

No Tom no algae build up at all.

It has a cover ? Uncovered gets swings from light and dust and cats. Ok the cats part may not be true but the rest is.

No its covered and no cats lol. Appreciate your input every bit helps.

Great product if you use in a reservoir :+1:t2: Chokes the roots of used directly in the grow vessel (Like a bubble bucket). The unit is kinda bulky

I use it directly in the bucket (no rez) and have no problem with roots.

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