Ph issues identified. Now what's going on?

This could just be the very best grow I’ve ever had. Branches out of the first signiture leaves, and the cotolydens are still alive and healthy! Thanks everybody and special thanks to Robert for the guide!

nice spacing do you know the strain??

No clue the strain unfortunately. My buddy who gave me the seeds got popped for some dumb shit like the next week so I never got a chance to ask once they sprouted… But I need some help!! Sorry to keep bugging but I’m stressing a lot over this.

I’m guessing early nitro toxicity but idk. Never had it before. The tips of some have spots on them (See pic below), some have old scares from the Ph just growing out (I’m guessing and was told here), some are ‘down’ (I’m thinking poor drainage bc they all get equal everything) and others look great.

Thank you!

Also I haven’t added any nutrients since I mixed in a double dose of 5-5-5 oraganoc fertilizer when I repotted them on Jan 25. Watered them on 1/31, 2/4 (that’s also the day I found out my house tap water was shit compared to before and had to fix the Ph of my babies), 2/10 watered with distilled bottled water and got good Ph run off for all plants again. So not sure what’s going on. Don’t have the ppm reader yet, was hoping to hold off on that.

This is driving me !@#$ing crazy!! I just watered my plants and in minutes they have all curled down a lot. Wtf am I doing wrong. I have a ph test kit but it can’t be correct, so I’m going to get paper testers next. Then I have used any nutes since almost a month ago. Watered a lot to flush some of the extra out bc I know I used too much now.

Also some of the growth is starting to look almost reptile skin.

It’s possible I’m just freaking out about the reptile skin looking leaves bc I’m all on edge bc of the other problem. But I could have sworn they didn’t look that crackly last night or even a few hours ago

Are you sure you aren’t over watering? Do those containers drain well? Cannabis roots need lots of air and can suffer from over watering easily.


i think MACG hit it squarely on the head …keep it simple …plant s OK… Then u watered, Then they drooped … high or low ph wont usually show that fast nor would nute burn .BUT if you turn off my bubbles in my DWC in minutes i can see them start to down turn in 1 hour i no dought have a problem … even soil will act this way …and it’s takes longer to fix …if their drowning try this add a small amount of water with peroxide in it to them … then let them dry out a bit .then water in small increaments till ur girls can handle it… …good fortunes to you …H

I was thinking of repoting them bc it’s almost time anyways and with the new soil, add 2, 3 or even more times the amount of pearlite to the mixture I make. Then seeing if they improve. They aren’t so far gone I need to trash them, but I almost don’t want to waist the time making the soil for 21 x 5 gallon pots.

The 2 plants that are really dropping or “down” in the first pic with all the ladybugs, are the same 2 in the back right upper corner are of this pic and it was taken just before watering

Back in the day when All I would use was Soil i mixed Promix BX to a mix of 50/50 perlite and vermiculite , but you’ll have to water it often . i was using drip emitters back then . Let me know if this helps . PS why all the lady bugs???are you having bug probs ???

How are you checking to make sure they need water? Are you sure you are not over watering them?


I wait to water till first knuckle down is dry… But I found out I was way short on pearlite so I repotted with a richer mix… I do get bugs where I grow so I was just getting ready for them… I currently have months that keep laying eggs that turn into catapillers but I’ve only found 3 catapillers. I’m also waiting on some praying mantis to come in to eat the months and lady bugs unfortunately…

Here’s the new soil mixture. 2parts pearlite to 3parts potting soil.

And here is the repotting and new set up.


Here’s a more recent pic of the tips changing… I’m thinking nitro toxicity… Any other opinions?

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You probably are over watering. And all of the deficiency looking problems can be from over watering alone. What most people do, and this process is actually very good for the roots of cannabis – water to saturation the first time, get a feel for the weight of the container saturated with water, and then don’t water again until the container feels very very light, as if all the soil is dry, all the way to the bottom, but before the plants show any signs of wilting from lack of water. This also helps keep some bugs that like to lay eggs in wet soil at bay.


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I had bad soil drainage before. I repotted them in bigger pots with a better pearlite ratio. But can’t change the center mass of soil. So I’m just gonna live with my mistake and learn from it. But since I repotted it I’ve noticed what I think is nutrient deficiency??? Or is it still just drainage??

Even with poorly draining soil, you would be better off if you stop over watering. You are likely watering too often, too frequently.[quote=“MacGyverStoner, post:19, topic:4527”]
don’t water again until the container feels very very light, as if all the soil is dry

Yes, over watering can cause nutrient deficiencies as the roots are suffocating and not healthy, they cannot properly uptake nutrients if the conditions in the soil stay too wet all the time at the center root mass. Watch the plants, but don’t water until this center mass of soil dries out. Then, and only then should you water again, and water to saturation, then repeat the process:[quote=“MacGyverStoner, post:19, topic:4527”]
don’t water again until the container feels very very light, as if all the soil is dry, all the way to the bottom (or center), but before the plants show any signs of wilting from lack of water.

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Cool thanks! I’ll wait till it’s completely dry. I was waiting till an inch or 2 down was bone dry but bc of my shit drainage I will have to wait much longer! FML but thanks for the help! This is my first grow in many years and it’s more of a practice run