PH is up and down more than a prostitutes pants!

I can see the effects of the ph swinging.

But I dont know why. Roots are fine, feel normal, not slimy or smelly (nute stained of course)

I have done a complete change and re nute at 50%. I have calmag and hydroguard. Water is normally around 68 but we are having a bit of a heatwave for a few days in the UK but this has been going on for a week. Tent is 70-79 with RH 45-55. TDS has come down from yesterday by 100 so the plant is obviously feeding.

Im at a loss…
I ph to 5.8 when lights come on but when I check a couple of hours later, its around 6.1. Good for the uptake of the various nutes but not so good for the plants wellbeing.

With any hydro, your water hardness has a lot to do with ph stabilization. Your ph will naturally go up, or down (usually up). You can let it ride, or adjust it as needed. It’s not going to kill it. Just a better chance to absorb everything as the ph moves.


ok cool. Long time since I did hydro :slight_smile: Yes, its always up. Sometimes I adjust more than others but always aim for 5.8. I know 6.1/2 is ok but was worried about the leaf damage.

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