Ph ing soil test kit

What is the most reliable and affordable soil ph test kit that you don’t have to mail in a soil sample?


If you have a ph pen, just follow this. If not, go buy a mid-grade ph pen…


U can a aoil tester thats like a ph pen but it has a different prob on it

The probe you use for water can be used for other matrices.

Worked in labs for 15+ years. The probe that did soil pH or equilibrium pH on foods was the same probe that tested water.

Just google EPA or FDA methods for pH testing - all just say pH probe.

This is my experience only.

I personally have a Hanna ph soil tester that cost like $150-$180 can’t remember honestly its been a hot minute. If you don’t want to go that route ypu can look up how to do a slurry test to reliably get ph and ppm reading

Same as @Caligurl. I’ll often run a slurry on a bag of amended medium just to see the numbers before I drop a seed or transplant :love_you_gesture:

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