Ph in coco coir too high


All through vegg I was controlling ph just fine, but since its started to flower I’m having some trouble getting ph to 5.8. Last night I ran a good 12 gallons of plain ph water through my 5 gallon pot and can’t get ph below 6.2. I even ran a few gallons of 5.4 water and still the runoff was 6.2. I’m using general hydroponics flora trio using Lucas formula and trying something called fish sh!t- its just like mammoth p. Anyway, in 70/30 coco perlite. I feed water feed and even on feed days I flush about 4-5 gallon plain 0h water before I feed to help flush out salt build up. Any suggestions welcome and Thanks in advance


You have an effective range of pH 5.5-6.5. You should be OK.


To all those out there who eventually read this. Run off ph doesn’t really matter when watering and feeding properly 8n coco. The run off is always going to be higher due to salt buildup and nutrient buildup. Just do a couple gallons of plain ph water run through before you feed with proper ph water and you’ll be good. Just Google it, you’ll find plenty of information