Ph. For deep water culture

I have a Dec I am flowering 45 day I have problems with ph it God up and down I am using general hydroponics up and down but I’m still having a problem with the pH it won’t stay put for a while can somebody please help me

What ppm are you setting nutrients at and are you using tap water RO filtered or distilled?

I use purified water I’m also using gellinger General Hydroponics up and down I’m at my 45th day of flower and it just keeps going up and down is there something on the market that I can use

PH naturally should drift some over time as plant consumes nutrients and leaves behind what it doesn’t want reducing how much it drifts is usually a matter of getting ppm set just right. A nutrient solution with a low ppm will quickly rise and fall in ph if plants take nutrients faster than water or vice versa water faster than nutrients