PH buffering Coco

I did abit of a search but didn’t get anything so figgered I will post and ask
How can I stabilize or buffer PH in Coco medium it seems what ever I do it goes back to 7.6
Its just cheap stuff and I am not that worried about it because I was told to not use it so I got it to see why (I like to tinker) and yes its really bad with very high salt. (It kills seeds)
I fixed the salt with hot water but I cant get the PH stable any idea’s would be great and I will try them and post if it worked.
I have run heaps of PH’ed water thru just drops back to 7.6 or higher

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Crush dolilite lime and add it to top layer of soil, it can drop ph, and being grinded to powder can work faster than usual

How much would you put with say 5gal of medium ?
Then I would just water it thru ?
I did a bit of a search but never got amounts to use per gal
Thx btw

“How much would you put with say 5gal of medium ?
Then I would just water it thru ?”

I’d say try 1 full tsp to start, you definatly don’t wanna over due it. My honest opinion crush or grind it in a piece of paper and sprinkle over top of soil, then yes youll dump water over it and it will wash it through the soil, and no problem my pleasure

OK thanks will give that ago my area is mostly clay and this will end up in my garden beds but its good to know how to do this

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Try and mix a little bit of perilite if you have any on the side it will help the plant drink water more efficiently being in a clay soil. I’ve seen some great root balls with clay soil if done right

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yep I had already split about 50L and added 5L of Perlite to each 25L batch things like slugs and snails don’t like it and it drains well unlike clay. I mixed in the lime re flushed with PH’d water with alittle H202 the run off was 6.3 ish so I let it drain overnight and added a batch each to a garden bed now I have to bribe my oldest to turn it for me.
When I lived near the beach I hated sandy soil but now I have clay I want my sand back.

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Hope this helps, I add to a plastic cup fits in the DWC, with clay balls on the bottom soaked in the pH desired, add Coco fresh, and fluffy, to the top w/ Jiffy and the plant about two weeks in, eliminates the salt build up even after transplanting to the drip irrigation, or the ebb and flow table…