Ph balancer gadget, anybody use it?

I found these balancer gadgets and wondered if anybody uses them, they claim to keep between 5.7 and 6.5 with most between 5.8 and 6.2 and will last for several months between recharges done with a special solution.

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I have never used one but I found them online for someone on here but they couldn’t use them for their autopot. I am very interested to know if it works.

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Next payday I am going to get one of the smallest units to try in my 1 pot 27L DWC, the smallest is made for 180L so should last for about 12 months between recharges.

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Can you post some pics of the device when it comes? I’d like to see the size of it.

Here is a forum approved link;

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Cost way to much

It’s cheaper on ebay but I can’t provide a link.

@RandomlyRan The ph balancer arrived today, AU$280 with 500ml of recharge solution which should last several years.


Sweet. That’s smaller than I thought. When will you be putting it to use?

@RandomlyRan Got it in the tank right now.

And everything seems to be working out? If so I may buy one of these after all.

@RandomlyRan It’s keeping my ph at 6.4 but the plant hasn’t got any roots into the nutes yet so time will tell.