PH and PPM question

Lets keep her at that or lower from her on out. Try to get that first reading if possible, its an important part of the equation. But we know it was high if it still landed at 1150.

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Sunday 900/6.0? Micro and bloom?

I guess we are done now with Kool bloom and the other one I think it is calcium?

Would you mind telling me what it was you said to get from tractor supply? Does it have 2 portions like the guy said on the video?

Also is the pump in bucket basically burping? Do you do that once a day and keep under pressure the rest of the day?

We have all been there.

its a gamma seal lid. for dry food storage, makes the bucket air tight. part of it snaps on the bucket and the other part screws into that.
1st week…every 6 hrs
2nd week …every 6 hrs
3rd week…every 8 hrs
4th week… every 12 hours
With the big 62 rh boveda packs in the bucket

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So that is use the pump on that schedule?

I got size 8 , I wonder how many I need to use in a bucket?

Right now the drying looks more confusing than the curing.

When exactly do I start collecting kief?
From all my buying I barely have a dime bag full of kief.

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Yes, i use the timer i used for my light.
Your weight will tell you how many to use
you collect it when you are trimming after drying.
Just hang it up and let it dry 70-75 deg / 55-60 rh, check it with the moisture meter, when it reads 11-13 % moisture content, put it in the cure bucket to cure.

6.0 ph

890 ppm

It was 1150, added half gallon of water to get 890.

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Ok, moisture meter, which one do I need?

Home depot or lowes… it has 2 little probes that you put against the bud. It for measuring moisture content in wood.

Like this?

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Thats it

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Added no water. It took about an inch but just below the pot.

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lets wee what she does with the lights on tonight. looking good though :sunglasses:

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Got it! Tomorrow you said we are going for 900 right?

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Yes, lets start working down 900/ 6.0

1150 6.1. Before adding 1 gallon
840 6.1 after

Will change this afternoon to 900. 6.0

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930 ppm
6.0 ph

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Nugz, do you wet trim or dry trim?

I’m thinking wet but need a good rack.

I do both… if i can reach it, i will trim the biggest leaves the last week before harvest. But if loaded with trichs i leave them for the trimmer bowl to catch.

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