PH and PPM question

Not to concerning, the plant is starting to finish up and is drawing the nutrients out of the leaves, just like when fall is coming and the tree leaves start to turn color. We will watch it closely. If it started at the top would be more concerning.


Ok, are you saying to trim it like this photo?

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Yes, next time. That way you dont waste any energy trying to grow those very bottom little buds, but transfer that energy to building bigger buds up top. I believe you are getting 7oz. plus from this plant

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Oh, I get it now. Should you trim off as they grow?

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Yes, after vegging a while and the plant is taller. Before it starts to flower, you will strip the lower sprouts. The technique is called lollipopping.


This how I do it, though I only grow fems, no autos, for me autos just don’t make sense.


1020 ppm
6.3 ph

Added 1 and 1/3 gallon.

720 ppm
6.2 ph


I will check this out.

6.1 ph

Added no water.

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This curing is going to be harder than I thought.

How are you going to do it? The buckets were very easy.

Still reading. A lot of people are talking about this grove bag.

Only have time to read on weekends.

I just didnt want to have to by bags after every grow. I can reuse the buckets and i got a perfect cure. There was no guessing using the moisture meter, it went into the bucket from drying at 11-13% moisture content in the bud. Cured for 4 weeks and came out of the bucket with 11-13% moisture content. Not one is dry or crumbly but still hard. I wont dry or cure any other way now, its a whole lot better than guessing and breaking buds off to see if it snaps.

Girls r looking good

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When you say buckets are you meaning mason jars? If not can you point me to the article you use?

Go to my journal to post 1640

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Got this at dispensary today, none bigger than this. 1/8 $45.

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you wont have to do that anymore here shortly… keep scrolling down on my thread and you will see the buckets working.

I am trying to find the page numbers and can’t, maybe it’s too late and I can’t think. :slight_smile:

look to the right and see the page numbers, grab the little bar and move it up or down

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