PH and PPM question

Hydro here.

PH is 4.5 this evening but right after I added water, do I need to raise it? If so what do I raise it with?

Suggestions say my ppm should be 1000, do I adjust it daily if it goes down? I adjusted this morning and was up to 700, add water as it is eating a bunch and now it’s down to 400. Do I need to add on daily basis?

Thank you!


I wouldn’t add just plain water. .
Hydroponics requires a hydroponic nutrient solution. If you add just water, the ppm will drop as you would be thinning the nutrient solution down.

Ph should always be 5.8-6.1 anything outside of this will most often cause issues.

If you find the bucket is running low then mix fresh nutrients and ph at 5.8 as often as needed and add it to it


What about the ph, what is the best way to raise it?


Sry man missed that part :man_facepalming:
But i use PH up.

But just about anything that is “alkaline” and will dissolve in water will work.
Baking soda is probably the easiest to find and most people may have some somewhere all ready


I just added more water in, it is eating about 1.5 gallon a day, I will measure and see if the water brought it up (it is 6.2 ph).

If that doesn’t work I will start with baking soda by the 1/4 teaspoon.

Do you add nutrients into water before you add it in?

It says my Pom should be between 1000-1600. I’ve also read here that much can burn the plants. What should I have it at at mid bloom stage?


These two can give you some great advice .
@HappyHydroGrower @NUG61


Thanks for the tag and compliment. @1HappyPappy has you covered, I would also like to add, General Hyponic PH Up and Down are your best friend. While there are additives that will work in a pinch, they are by no means suitable for long term usage.

What does your system look like? ( pic’s?)
What nutes are you using?
What pH meter are you using?
What lights do you have?
What are the water temps?

Good luck? :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:


So I have only actually used baking soda 2 times waiting on my ph up to come in the mail. So I really cant say how much to use but if ya add a little bit at a time you should be ok.
Do you have anything to get ph down if needed?
Lemon juice or vinegar can be used, basically anything that is very acidic…

I feel I should say you may want to pickup some actual ph up and down.
If you was in soil I fill like it wouldn’t mater at all.
But for simplicity and consistency, i think the up and down is awesome but the other things will work if its what you got…

But @HappyHydroGrower definitely has you covered :wink:
I reach out to them if i have questions as I’m just in my first year of hydroponics :sweat_smile:


Thanks for the tag @The_Chef@Coorerhog welcome. Yes some pics please. And ph up and down a definite must. Gonna find alot of info and different techniques here. You will certainly find your answers. As @HappyHydroGrower stated, good lcuk and happy growing. :sunglasses::v::heart:


@1HappyPappy … would you tag me in your grow please sir :sunglasses::v::heart:


Absolutely my freind, one sec.


Her is my setup: fyi- I added 1/4 teaspoons baking soda and it raised to 6.3 ph.

Also, they changed my name , I guess they thought it was vulgar but it was named after a character in a show, “Cooter”.

What growth stage are you in

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I thought it would be done 1st week of June but because I didn’t understand ppm it will be later. Here is current pic: (any help or advice I will GLADLY take) week 8.


I do hydro… but i think you’re in the right area. @SilvaBack203 any advice on the ph level for week 8

Each one of those flowers, how much do you think it will produce?

What strain is it… what did the profile say for indoor qty. and what medium are you using. :sunglasses::v:

It is girls scout auto, I didn’t see an output when I bought it. 5gallon deep water.

Also wondering if it is time to stop the floor gro? It is getting a little taller than I thought.

One comment on baking soda and TDS: baking soda will load your nutrient solution with salts and jump the TDS up quite a bit. This is something to be careful off because you have to provide solution at a specific concentration and adding b.s. can cause nutrient burn. It also tends to clog the stomata of the leaves if sprayed on for mildew protection. PH up is really your best bet.


This late in flower it’s probably not going to stretch anymore just the buds grow taller. And for an Auto you are probably finishing up and another few weeks