Ph and ppm issues

Hey giys, The PH in my domestic water at home is 7.5 , so i added 5 ml per gallon PK booster because the plant is in the early flowering stage so i measured the ppm it mentioned 1100 so it’s good but the PH when i added the PK booster droped to 5.20 so i added some baking soda to raised the PH up it works and i get the result i want 6.0 PH but the PPM raised to 1700 when i added baking soda !!! So how can i adjust the PH level (6.0) while i want my PPM level to stay the same (1100) ?? NOTE: in my country we dont have Ph down and PH up thats why im using baking soda !!!

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I believe you have to let it sit so the solid you added can completely dissolve i think it called steeping I’ve only read about this I’ve always used ph up down.

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Baking soda is a poor choice for adjusting PH for exactly the reason you stated. It will also load your media up with salts over time; causing problems. Commercial PH up and down is the way to go and it’s cheap.


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Does your water have chlorine? If so are you letting is set for 24 hrs before you use it?
You may find that once the chlorine is gone the starting pH will be in the 8 area.
Then you can simply adjust the amount of pk booster and hit the sweet spot.
@Myfriendis410 is right about the baking soda. You shoud be able to order pH up / down via amazon or eBay