pH and nuts and runoff help

Confused about pH of runoff and nuts not sure I Understand what I’m looking for please clue me in. Tia

Are you asking how to do it or how to interpret the results?

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How to interpret results

Might get a better answer or an answer if u post results. What ur ph and ppm of nutes going in are then when it drips from bottom let a bit drip off then catch what u need to get a reading of what comes out of the plant these numbers will tell if the plant needs food if ph is off or if u need to do adjustments. Ph is super important for nuterients to be absorbed by the plant. Good luck

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So pH was 6.5 in 5.9 out Nuit were 3500 medium is ffof

Tree nuts or nut nuts :thinking:

Seems to be typical #'s for ffof. I’m at very begining of preflower with my Northern Lights auto. I’m on 5th week and still high ppm. Run off ph is 5.8.


I know im just busting yur chops bud

I think I’m in preflower but not sure u got photo

Not sure what pre flower looks like but I think I am to @ 5 weeks u got photo.

Normal for fairly fresh FFOF.

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Do you have a photo? Post some pics and we will be able to tell you

@K-88 this is my 33 day old Lady. In ffof about the same #'s as you. My ppm runoff was 4056 this morning.:slightly_smiling_face::v:

She’s a beauty

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Thank you.:v:

Looks like you are covered.
Ask anything here in this thread and we will help.