pH affect outcome of the potency

I noticed my pH got off a little bit on my white widow auto…will that affect the smell and tricks…I posted a couple weeks ago how there was no smell or crystals showing then I took Yoshi advice and got some terminator and been seeing a little difference just smells like a wet sock… lol

Sorry misspelled a couple words

Dont worry they will start smelling I just had my wife jump my ass last night she got out of the car and said she can smell weed half way to the street . Mine are in the basement in a tent with a carbon filter . She said it didn’t matter what filter system I needed to get but the stink stank stunk smell had to go


This isn’t going to answer your question because I wonder where all the scent is too but I had a mother plant, super skunk, she didn’t smell like skunk at all

I just harvested her third generation clones and it’s over-skunked my filter ! …it stinks! I thought my filter had failed until I got close to the back of the tent where they were, they were unbelievable!

I can’t believe it’s from the same plant, I know that didn’t answer your question I’m just trying to tell you I don’t understand where the smell is or isn’t anymore either ?


My WW seemed a little mild torward the end, I could only smell her up close, when I took her down and brought her home she stunk up the whole house, I put her in the bathroom with the vent fan on high, walked outside a half hour later and smelled her Outside !!!

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Ph is really determined by run of after a month of feeding. Once you know your soils established ph you go from there. I have watered with 7.0 because run off was 5.3.

Oh wow I hope it doesn’t do that I got s carbon filter too… I only got ,2
plants going thanks for your positive reinforcement have you had that
happen to you

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Was the smoke still good even though no smell

They start getting stinky I have another carbon fiter due tomorrow on the big brown truck

On my first grow I started with low ph and it stayed that way till the end. The Lil plant only got a foot tall , smelled great my wife was bitching all day and if I opened my grow box OMG, but it tasted like shit and not much of a high. I don’t know if this helps but that was my last grow. Lets see what happens this time.