pH adjusting help

So my head is spinning trying to figure this one out…After reviewing article
Ive been having what I think is a pH issue with my girl (yellowing -dying tips, slight tip upcurl)

I’m trying to figure out what to set new water pH to…
(test details checked 3 times with for avg)

Using Distilled Water in pH 4.4 - 4.5 with TDS of 000
Runoff water tested at pH 8.7 (forgot TDS this time)
Saw on the article to filter with coffee filters til clear … (clear never happened but ran thru 4 filters) and now the pH tests at 5.9 with a TDS of 388

So what number should I use/trust as a “root zone pH check” to then use adjusted pH water.

I am in the seedling stage (getting close to veg) ilgm WW- auto

Grow environment (indoor)
Hardware store sphagnum peat moss
earthworm castings
bloodmeal 12-0-0

No feeding yet but have sprayed a bit with mixed bottle of the flower power “starter” the bug, mold, root protector, cinnamon, castile soap pH’d to 6.6


If @Majiktoker is awake, he’s the man!


Yea im still up not much longer though @Matthew420


She is extremely nitrogen toxic, she should not have these levels as young and small as she is and spraying with flower power start as a foliar spray now I mean no offense by this so please dont take it that way, you said you haven’t fed, which is feeding. Even though it says you can start early with levels of npk in flower power start id wait until she was in vegitative growth before spraying any more.

You are in sphagnum peat moss her ph should be 5.6 for most optimal growth 5.8 thats what your root zone ph should be as that is a soilless medium. Also not coming out clear yet is because of extreme toxins built up in your medium, you need to keep giving PhD water at 5.8 and nothing else until she comes back healthy and vibrant as well as gains root structure back, youll want to do this until water is clear, once your runoff water is clear you have rinsed all built up toxins from your medium



I know you got this but i had to step in.
He needs to get that plant transplanted into clean soil then just lightly water.
He need to remove as much soil from the roots as posable and have his new soil ready before hand.
Even some root stimulator or liquide thrive mix with a gal of water P H at 6.3 or 6.5 would be even better for transplanting and then only a little every other day.

best of luck



@Majiktoker & @garrigan62 … Never any offense taken (at times i need to be offended, it can help us learn) and all are welcome to chime in, it wouldn’t be community otherwise.

But I was under the impression pH 6 - 7 (closer to 6.5 was ideal), so i gotta ask why are you each suggest differing numbers?

I do want to make sure i got the best practices down…
Is it necessary to filter the runoff water clear before testing?
Please each list your step by step preferred method for checking (regularly) the pH of the root zone?

And it sounds like i shouldn’t be using the blood meal? What about earthworm castings?
What do you use as a growing medium/mix? (soil growers plz)
Any soil difference in different growth stages?


I don’t believe i ever offended you sir. and never would i. I like to P H at or with in the range of 6.3 to 6.5 even though the best range is 6.5 to 7.0 ( wouldn’t recommend having a ph of over 7.0 in soil) best range to have is a ph of 6-7. Anything out of that range will contribute to deficiencys.
As for @Majiktoker his range was more in the range of hydro not soil. I believe.


You guys are failing to see SPHAGNUM PEAT MOSS that is soilless your ph needs to be 5.8 @BrockSamson not 6.5 to 7 or your gumna have problems @garrigan62 I dont know if you seen that but I stated that above and this again is soilless and thats the range you want for sphagnum peat moss @BrockSamson worm castings are fine the blood meal is really strong for them. When,you use worm castings you do not need much

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No I was going by what he said quote " What do you use as a growing medium/mix? (soil growers plz) "
Any soil difference in different growth stage.

That’s i was responding to

No iill

Oh…this whole thing confused me lol my apologize and my soil ph always 6.6 never higher never lower


Do you have a good ph meter to check the ph of your water? After experiencing a few disasters, now I realise what a good investment that is.


Ok it looks like we all are reading things wrong or responding to the wrong thing.
No one offended me, just sayin its nearly impossible for me.

@Majiktoker thank you, I was blind to understanding “soilless” but now I see. I was trying to make my own mix for bonsai and tried to use it here.
So majik what medium do you use?

I thought pH goals were mostly the same except hydro which is why i wanted soil growers to comment… I see i was wrong.

So are “soilless” goals equal to hydro? Or how about this… Is there a formula or spreadsheet for all growing mediums/goals?

@garrigan62 I do want to transplant soon (she has previously suffered stress, fell over and light issues), so i was also asking… Can I use my homemade mix or what actual SOIL i should buy?

@DieHigh55 my meter is “Analytical Instruments” pH/temp ATC self calibration
Kinda would like a better one as even though i calibrated 2x and am very patient but it takes long time to settle and battery saver can shut it off before it settles… Therefore the multiple tests for averages.
I want better but not in budget atm. (its on the list tho)

Now then, for future reference who can chime in to my “best practices” questions so that i am adjusting pH correctly for the root zone?
I cant just always add 5.8pH water or should I?

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Yes you should always add the PhD water other wise you risk throwing things of and yes exactly same ph as hydro, and soilless is same goals

As far as formula or spreadsheet what do you mean? I use organic soil and mix my own soil im a soil grower I hope this clears things up and happy I can be of help so you better understand :slight_smile: ill have an answer about spreadsheets and formulas when I find out what you mean @BrockSamson

So I dont need to check root zone pH and adjust based on it? … Say I water with 5.8 for a few weeks and then root zone soil pH tests at 6.5…wouldn’t I make the water 5.5 (or something) to help bring it back to desired… Otherwise if I always add 5.8 water… What is the point of checking root zone?

So the spreadsheet question is i want a guide for each medium… Or is it just 5.8 for hydro and 6.5 for soil?
Are there any other numbers/mediums to make note of?

Would going to soil be more beneficial (or easier)? I would have to buy a product, mixing my own is one thing but making it is another.


If your raising .7 on ph for example water at 5.8 and comes out at 6.5, water with a 5.1 ph it should come out at 5.8. As for soils and hydro ph, yes @BrockSamson ph is the same for any form of hydro or soilless medium and all soils will have the same ph.

In my opinion soil is far easier as for more beneficial well I cant entirely say yes as each one has pros and cons

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@Majiktoker you really are majik that is what I was looking for!

Hydro/soilless = 5.8pH
Soil = 6.0 - 7.0 (desire 6.5)
TDS = **WHAT IS THIS NUMBER?, soil/soilless numbers? **

That about right?

Now and next my pH testing of runoff was quite different if filtered or not.

"Runoff water tested at pH 8.7 (forgot TDS this time)
Saw on the article to filter with coffee filters til clear … (clear never happened but ran thru 4 filters) and now the pH tests at 5.9 with a TDS of 388"

Which is my “raised” number? 8.7 or 5.9
Isn’t that a big difference to adjust for or am I way out in left field and not understanding the game? (i need one more hitter out to get a 1st down?) lol

Do filter it or don’t?
If yes, Is filtering til clear needed?
If pH is in range and TDS is not (what if anything can be done)?

I am the one that should be sorry… I can ask “what if” questions forever. “Always be prepared”

Im always prepared notice :wink: water dont need to filter just water normal ph water until runoff is clear not brown, if you were watering at 5.8 and it came out at 8.7 your having a toxic build up in your medium somewhere

So then the math is 8.7 minus 5.8, do I flush it with 2.9 then future waterings back to 5.8… Repeat…

EXACTLY TOXIC i was like how can a .1 difference cause my problem?
Filters gone… I dont drink coffee anyway.

So what is the deal with TDS, what does it do to my meds?

Lets tag @MacGyverStoner he’ll be able to help guide you

@BrockSamson, at the moment he is unavailable he will be here to help when he can :smile: my apology I couldn’t answer that for you