PH 6.5 water question

6.5 water going in straight water no notes coming out 5.5 on the flush is that normal if not where should it be on the flush and what should I do

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Flush should be desired ph, or slightly above or below what your run off is accordingly.
Is this tap water? Or reverse osmosis water?
RO water doesn’t been any ph’ing.

What soil are you using?

Distilled water

Foxfarm Bush doctor distilled water I just figured the drainage would be higher with the nutrients being drained I am a newbie

It was originally in Miracle Grow transplanted belt 2 weeks ago starting to get these little brown spots again

This does not need to be ph’ed.

6.5 pH when going into pot when flushed coming out at 5.5 is that all right somebody mentioned something about pulling lime and the soil gets a ph up

I would try letting tap water set out for a day or 2 and pH the tap water and flush her with the PhD tap or even use distilled with some calmag in it to get ppms up to 150 to 200ppm and then pH that and water. Using PhD water might get the pH of soil up more.