Peyote seeds for sale?

My lady is looking to buy peyote seeds, something for topical medicine. Anyone know if that is a real thing? Can you buy piyote seeds?


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I hope you are patient. It takes about 15 years to grow it. You can find seed sellers via Google.


@MidwestGuy wow!!! Had no idea, dang…its hers, im the canna guy, she wants it for holistic. She gonna pass when she hears that though lmao!

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Shrooms are far more quick to grow. You can go from spores to harvest in a few months. I grow them and there is a thread dedicated to psilocybin here in the forum.


@MidwestGuy thanks, can you tag the link? She asking lol

Nevermind, got it


Check out How to Change Your Mind if you have Netflix. It’s a great series and covers LSD, psilocybin, MDMA, and peyote. It based on a book of the same name written by Michael Pollan.


Will do!

Started watching this. It’s really great.

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Yeah. I had read the book. The series is great with all of the people he talked to and him trying most of it himself and articulating his experiences with the substances.

Psilocybin literally cured my major depression. It did so almost instantly. I continue to microdose regularly.


We have a few.

Peyote for topical?? What good does rubbing mescaline on your skin do? In any case, dont bother with peyote, its illegal and takes forever to grow. Instead go for Peruvian Torch or San Pedro. Both are legal to own and both are chauk full of mescaline. You can get seeds, and cuttings easily.
Need about 18 inches of either for a good ride, since your not tripping but instead looking to rub it on your skin, prolly wont need much.