Peyote cookie Afghan skunk and triple cheese also my kosher kush


Hey family how we doing jst a update so the 3 I cut dwn are drying in its box but the kush I don’t under stand wat happenin maybe cause of it was growin still in veg that all I can put it too

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I’m not sure what you’re asking?


Well fam the kush is meant to be 66 days and it well past that stage and I have done this one many time but this lot still has not bud out like they have done in the past and I was thinkin it dwn to wen I put in flower they were still growing like they are in veg cause they are taller then me and they have lots of them white hair on it which have not puffed out like in the past so I’m thinkin take to 12 weeks and see wat happens also the other 3 were done long ago like I stated b4 but we will see wat happen hey bless thanks fam


Happy new year all and happy new year growing well done family @Screwauger @Sirsmokes @skgrower @mikos @stells @dbrn32 @DoobieNoobie @Drillbit @Budbrother @Covertgrower and any one else who is there all the best to you all blessd


You too @Shuggz ! Happy new year, and hope your year is as green as anyone’s.


Thanks fam do u knw how that TOR app works is it wen I use google I turn it on and is it wen I use on there search engine then I turn off do you knw anything about thing like this if so thanks


Happy New Year buddy!


Same to you!


I have the TOR app @Shuggz but I haven’t used it in awhile.


Is it not wen I dwn load ur use cause it tell u to turn off VPN on phone that why I ask


Someone may be tracking your activity with a VPN. @Shuggz


Happy new year mate. Hope yours is happy and prosperous


Yeah I get that but how is that app work cause it asks to turn off vpn so I ask how do I use it do I use of the TOR system or can I still use google


@Shuggz You can use either. If you want to use the TOR app, you have to turn off the VPN.


Ok it’s off all the time I think


Hey family how are we so I took them dwn and now in jar the kush I don’t get wat happenin wid them it at 12 weeks takin dwn in few day I on a mis in them any way the other I got 2oz on cookie 2oz on triple cheese 1.5oz in the Afghan that is not good wat did I do different this time it look like it had more weight on it :cry: @Screwauger @skgrower @Sirsmokes @stells @Drillbit @DoobieNoobie @dbrn32 @Mikos


Hey family how are we doin jst a update the kush I don’t get wat happen they still have them white hairs and has not puffed out like it shud do they still look the same I will put Fotolife that one
And the the other 3 are looking good had a sample off then and smoke real good but will say bout it was not as dense as I would like and did get as much as well but it all good blessd

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Nice looking nugs!


Thanks fam not as good as my last grow I can’t remember wat I did different it’s bugging me now the kush I was lost they start growing new parts didn’t fat out like it shud do I did tak to 12week thinkin it got to do wid flowering late I hope the clones don’t do the same well this lot I’m going to make hash it’s got big buds but didn’t puff out

So fam any one knw how to make hash the best way thanks blessd @DoobieNoobie @Drillbit @Screwauger @skgrower @Sirsmokes @stells @Mikos


No idea sorry, never made it. A lot of people seem to like the bubble bags.