Peyote cookie Afghan skunk and triple cheese also my kosher kush


Those are looking mighty tastey brother.


I was thinkin u was anyway bless wat. Nute u knw that will and can use in the Uk if any organic ones like bio buzz is made in Spain but we get here to so was think there must be same frm yr way but don’t knw which one if you knw great if not bless


Lol I’m in the US as well. I’m just a night owl so awake more on your schedule. I have seen several UK people using biobizz. I’ve actually never seen it in the US though so no experience with it. There’s another canna something but I can’t remember the name.


I used earth juice, but they refused to change their recipe to meet new omri standards. So they’re not meeting the organic standard anymore. Other big one here is nectar for the gods, but like 3 of their main bottles aren’t omri listed either.


I knw to many chemicals not good over this way it’s all ways organic if you been or ever go dam that is all u will get they don’t take any thing but that this is why it’s so good there I have also had real good bud frm yr ways in pounds of it love it but doing yr own is always best o well need to do some research now and I did nite work for 19year so I don’t real sleep if anything about 4 hr here and there wat this earth juice and can I get ere


That’s cause bio is a real good one for organic but I wanna try something different and see also most people use this A+B products but I don’t understand how to use them and there are chemicals and if not flush good we’re smokjng that not good now I started growing again I can’t and will not stop


Yeah I don’t have many options for organic in hydro. So I gave up on that. I’ll just flush well so that it’s less of an issue.


Ah I found the brand i was trying to think of thanks to @James68 maybe he can tell you. But it’s the other brand I’ve seen a few UK people using.


I’m in the US too @Shuggz, sorry.


O well let us knw if any one that are sold or here if you knw of any fam


Hey family how are we doin so jst a update so I not getting this wen I read about there date they say it was around 55days but it’s turn out it meant to be longer like about 70days and the kush were 66days even they are not done yet not getting it is it cause they are tall and cause I was thinkin it was then on date I said and did the 2days dark and flush bak then wat to do now so I have been givin water frm then and the kush a week later now it will be coming to 70days and I can’t tell if tricones cloudy or Amber here is the Afghan cookie and cheese and the talks are kush ![image|375x500] (upload://pQDn8jpeeSbZgIx0oN62Eo5U1OS.jpeg) @Screwauger @Sirsmokes @Mikos @skgrower @Drillbit @DoobieNoobie @dbrn32


Hey family any one knw how long it take in flower for these beauties on the cheese cookie and Afghan well I am going to take out the cookie and Afghan at 6 today but the cheese and kush need more time I think it past the 55 and 66 day it say for them can’t tell if u have amber tri on it but have order a microscope for next one any let see @skgrower @mikos



Hey family how is all jst a update so I am going to take out tomorrow but am goin to give it some more hrs of dark again but only 18hr it’s had 6 already so I will open at 6pm tomorrow the cheese was lookin like it was comin on and the other we’re good jst lookin for Amber tri and the kush have put me on a lost tomorrow will be 70days let see wat happen wen I open after this dark time again I open 6pm Monday


Change of plan forgot about the strip led it come on dam owell the cookie and Afghan will come out and the cheese and kush will stay in and then I will give it dark again but for now as is bleed fam any feed bak will be fab


So this is wat the baby look like Cookie Afghan then Cheese I think the cheese need more time few more days and the other 2 comin out tomorrow 6pm

@Screwauger @Sirsmokes @skgrower @stells @Mikos @dbrn32 @DoobieNoobie @Drillbit


That sure dont look like a baby!! Outstanding


Looking nice! Start watching those trichomes! Getting really close. Nice job fam! :+1:


They look good @Shuggz thumb


Fam I have watch for them frm day 55 and now day 70 I don’t have the rite tools also wen they are only meant to be 55day so I on a lost atm every we’re I read it’s say them dates wat to do so I’m goin to take out the cookie and Afghan they look well done frm long ago but the cheese abit longer


Hey family how are all so i think i have over done have found seeds not good so the the 3 are out and the kush are still in and the clones have gone in to bless @Screwauger @Sirsmokes @skgrower @stells @dbrn32 @DoobieNoobie @Drillbit @