Peyote cookie Afghan skunk and triple cheese also my kosher kush



Nice big uns the girls look great


That’s some nice size fans she’s got.


A true light blocker there. Glad that’s gone now :grin:


Wat the blocker yr on about fam the fan or the big fan leafs


Hey family how are we doing jst a update so I was checking my clones of the kush and look wat I found I was say about that hermi one wat was or is but is budin crazy well have a look the clone of it

@Screwauger @Sirsmokes @Countryboyjvd1971 @Covertgrower @Budbrother


I’m not seeing anything that jumps out at me. Just swollen calyxes. Maybe a close up of that particular area?
Otherwise I’m saying female. @Shuggz


Still seeing female


here guys @Covertgrower @Budbrother


Yeah, that could be a hermie, sorry.


@raustin The one it come frm look like it’s going to bud it really crazy it got hair all over I see 3of them and cut it if maybe that why it’s goin to flower so far it been ok I check every so often thank bless


Yes, you can keep trying to cut off those balls, just make sure you get them all.


Oooh Ballz! Sorry about shim :rofl:


Ouch! Merciless! Lol! :rofl::joy: Made me cross my legs!


Theres a male ball on the bottom leaf left side of stem i can see it


Lol, sorry guys.


Unlucky bro apart from tht its all great. Not so lucky this crop but was trying some new thinvs out. However i won a comp in soft secrets back in junei entered and one the prize of nutrients new lights etc and an amzon vocher for 100quid bro. So nxt grow will be better with my new solar lumini 315w. Think i will use the voucher for new fans etc lol and a bigger tent lol.


Ii got 600hps I think are the best fam


Hey my family how are we on this lovely nite and evenin if yr over the pond so I wen to check my baby’s and wow how big they have got they are almost as tall as me I think they are about 4:5ft tall 2 comin on 5ft here is a foto of them enjoy :wink:

@Mikos @Sirsmokes @Screwauger @Budbrother @Covertgrower @Countryboyjvd1971 @Drillbit @dbrn32 o and the fan and light are rite to the top


You got it growin’ on!!!