Peyote cookie Afghan skunk and triple cheese also my kosher kush


Yea i dont see anything that says hermie there sometimes a calax will swell up and look like a seed pod


Going to leav in and see wat happens to it and see if and balls come if it flower even better so let’s see wat will happen @Sirsmokes


Have you checked the tent for light leakes? Been noticing your getting hermies. Was thinking it could be light leak issue, that’s all. I found a few in my tent that I had to fix before I started flowering.


O fam nah it nothing like dat cause of my 1st grow I got seeds I knw it’s cause of that fam 3seeds turned out to be male 2seed are female and the one that I think is a hermi not sure we will see @Drillbit all the kush one the rest are fems


Oh ok. I see.


Hey peps wat u fink it’s a hermi check it and the hole plant has hair crazy nuts

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I didn’t see anything that looks male…:wink:



@peachfuzz Zoom in to the bottom foto on the nob you will see


Hey family how are we doing so a update I have been checking that one kush I think is a hermi I see a ball again I don’t get this but it looks like it is going to flower bud nice but still early I really don’t knw wat to do wid that one for really any vice @Mikos @Covertgrower @Sirsmokes @Screwauger @peachfuzz @Niala


@Covertgrower @Mikos @Countryboyjvd1971 @Sirsmokes @Screwauger And the rest of the jungle

o And the Afghan is takin it sweet time I think it will shoot up it hidin between the kush


LSo after I have done these and I get the clones going to then I will do this @Sirsmokes @Screwauger @Mikos


If it were me i would kull the plant. Dont risk it pollinating the rest of my plants


Hey family how we doing so far so good on the one I think is a hermi the lady got hairs all over but ball here and there so it confusing crazy but the rest are fine so wat I did this time was veg for 4week b4 I did 8week veg well put it dis way I was thinkin there were going to be small well I was wrong ere have a look and wat you lot think on the size

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Im dealing with that now but im not planning on wasting space or nutrients. I have plucked them off and im leaving it for now but if they appear again its gone


Not good I hate wen that happen it so crazy my one is crazy for real well it look like it’s going to bud it’s more feminine dominant I think not sure wat u think fam I hope I ever get this problem again


@Shuggz it’s a girl

they sure look like hairs not balls


Showing sex is all that is


There is two foto b4 them have u seen them then u will knw wat I mean fam bless

#59 It this bit I’m on about


Hey family how we doing I hope all is good wid all jst a update so it was so bushy in there tried to trim some of them well the Afghan and cookie are so bushy the cheese grow like kosher kush nice so it not that much so did a lollipop on them and talk as hex I really didn’t fink it would cone up that much any check the size of the leafs of the Afghan and cookie

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