PETS? Dogs especially

I agree with you 100%

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Hell if I ate a 1/4oz of my grow I’d be on the floor for a day 1/2 too.

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It was uncooked stuff tho so I don’t imagine it did a whole lot. If think it would upset the stomach not being converted it’s just a waste wouldn’t it be ,

I was working at my daughters house up north and she had left to take her daughter to work and I sat down to relx and light up and her dog walked in by me sat down and inhaled . Later that day I left andd I got a call What did you do to my dog dad! She lays around the house and she is sleeping a lot. and she won’t bark at the birds. I said I smoked like you told me to in the house alone and Lucy sat next to me thats all.

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Are you sure you didn’t give him a couple shotguns???

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OH No! I just sat there after working on her house. I deserved a smoke dog just walked in sat down. I never do that to her dog

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You better be careful, my brother lost his dog to poisoning like this…

No Xylitol, this is in many gummies and is BAD for pets/dogs. I know of a big coon dog that recently ate 25mg of Wana gummies. Bug fool sat on couch and just wanted snuggles.


I saw posts that it harmed their pets but majority of it good mostly on their dogs.

My brothers dog has siezures. He gives him a cbd/thc tincture for animals. Works wonders.

That dog looks way mellow.

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He was 25mg in of wana gummi. Big fool got snuggly.

I just looked at the title. If you want some solid info. @Screwauger Has been using a CBD product on his dog for years. I haven’t seen him in a while. This is the link I saved for it