PETS? Dogs especially

I often wonder if anyone has used MJ to help an ailing older pet, especially a dog. I have a 15 year old dog who is really showing her age and is having a hard time getting around. Shes going blind and just doesnt have the pep in her step. I love her to death and hope to get a few more years out of her. I know dogs can have ailments similar to humans. Maybe small doses of MJ can help??


I don’t know anything more than that they have an animal section at the dispensary I believe it’s all cbd stuff

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Cbd and thc is fine for dogs in small doses my parents dogs get cbd and thc oil ever night

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My dog (160 lbs Great Dane) does well on cbd. Does well on thc as well but she only gets that on firework nights. Delta 8 is a bit of a hybrid and she does well on that too.


Be very careful with it.


This is true too. My neighbors dog across the street got ahold of a quarter oz and ate it all. He is a doberman mixed with another big ass dog can’t remember off hand but man he was messed up bad. He layed in the floor for a day and a half didn’t move a lick really they said.

CBD works wonders on my dog. He has a hip problem and will struggle getting up and limping after laying down for a long period of time.

My Dane hates getting high. We think it gives her pins and needles in the paws because she’ll yelp when she walks the 2 times we dosed her.

When we spark she goes to her second bed in the basement :rofl:

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Please be very careful with this as it only requires minimal amounts. Their liver does not metabolize it as fast as we do and toxicity builds quickly. Unfortunately I have poisoned my dog more than 1 time. The last of which he ate 1 of my breakfast cookies and spent 48 hours in doggy ER. It took 5 days to clear his system before he could walk straight, with lots of vomiting and sh*ts.

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My german shepherd ate some of my weed and it wasn’t a pretty sight. She stumbled around like she was drunk, fell over a couple of times, piddled all over the carpet and couch in multiple places, etc, and drooled unusually heavily. Scared the hell out of me.

THC is poisonous for dogs. CBD is okay though.

We have a small cat Spirit is her name and she is about 13-14 years old and she just sits and meows at us to smoke because her joints hurt her and she bitches at us a couple of times a day. And after she runs and acts like her younger self ,Talking and looking at us funny and asking why can’t we run like her.

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Our dog, a small pomeranian got high when my wife and I were toking. She started acting weird. We didn’t know that she had been affected by our smoke.

We tried to feed her and she became afraid of chicken!!

So we rushed her to the vet. The vet looked at us and asked if we were high. Admitted it and the vet laughed and said so was our dog. Just told us to mind smoke around her. Lol

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I made mention in another posts about MJ for pets and there were a few that mentioned giving their pets small doses of THC as well as CBD.
Any good edibles for pets that especially help them relax at night and sleep? I have three house dogs and the two younger ones are barking at everything they hear and want to run the house at night. We have hardwood floors so their nails on the floor are easily heard. Bothers my wife and hurts her sleep.

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Didn’t you just ask this question :thinking:

no, I’m asking about edibles in general. Looking to see who uses what.

While I’m all for medicinal cannabis, wouldn’t it be simpler (and cheaper) to just contain the dogs to a single room at night?

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no, wife has spoiled them. They hang in our bedroom for the most part at night.

I’ve got a Catahoula that’s 10 he has some pain issues I give him some every now and then and he seams to like it. He loves beer too. Wife drinks NattyDaddy it’s strong beer he’s been known to knock a can over just to drink it. He also likes it better when it’s flat.

My dogs have learned to leave the room when I go to bed. I don’t have to say a word, as soon as I turn off the TV and start to get up off the couch they jump down off the bed and go find their spot. The Catahoula takes my spot on the couch and the two Boston terriers find something to crawl under like a towel or blanket or pillow on a couch.


They need to burn up more energy during the day if they stay ramped up at night, and also need to be either kennel, or bedroom trained. Medicating your animals because they aren’t trained properly is incredibly inhumane.