Pests, Purple Kush, Outdoor , White Fly or Nats

Noticed these White Nats or Flys on my plants several days ago. They were first noticed on the tomato plants that have been removed. How can I stop the spread without pesticides. I just put 3500 lady bugs in the green house with no effect.

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Are they flies or mites ?
I cant really tell when i zoom in

Not 100% sure. When I shake the plant. Little white flies start moving around. At first I thought they were white flys. Now I’m not sure.

100% sure now they are white flies. This started when my over head sprinklers were shut off. If I turn the water back on? Will this fix my problem. I think they hate water.

Normally… flies reproduce when wetness is abundant. Maybe it was the sprinklers being off allowd it to stagnate.

neem oil applied on the underside of the leaves in the morning works well for me. Also neem is organic but should not be used later in flowering cycle as it may affect taste.

Thanks , I’ve been spraying soapy water and It seems to be working.

the only insect prevention ive ever used indoor or outdoor is diatomaceous earth. just sprinkle it over the plants and ground around it like you are powdering a donut. i do it once a week or so and i havent had a bug issue since i started using it 10 years ago. it can be used up to the day of harvest and %100 organic :slight_smile:

What’s the different between regular Diatomaceous Earth and Food Grade? Big difference in price.