Pests or nute deficiency or?

Currently growing GG4 in a bubble bucket with coco coir as grow medium. Week three running AN GMB at 1.5 tbsp per three gallons of water. Water is constantly aerated and changed out once a week.

Today I noticed some yellow spots on a few leaves, and shiny marks which seem to be from the bottom of the leaf being eaten away. Also, it seems a little droopy. Does this look like pests or nute problems? Maybe both? I am picking up some neem oil later if pests are the problem. Please let me know what you think

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Did I post in wrong forum?

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Might be a bit too much nitrogen, not certain.

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What nutrients are you using? What’s the ph of water whenever you feed?


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PH of Water, Solution, runoff (if Applicable)

PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution if applicable

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Light system

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As Sick posted, what is ph in, also the damage in pic 3 looks more mechanical(ie a fan or humidifier/dehumidifier blowing on it or the leaves rubbing on each other! Did you buffer coco before using?


Did not buffer coco, I guess it I should have being it’s a little acidic. I believe you are correct in saying it looks like mechanical damage as I do not have an oscillating fan in there, it was just blowing on it. I moved it yesterday and the plant perked up a lot, but has some yellow spotting so I think I will go back down to 1 Tbsp of Ph perfect grow micro bloom per three gallons. I will test my ph right now and get back to you

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Advanced nutrients GMB ph perfect, I’ll test my ph right now

Ph out of my tap (well water) is 7.0, ph of water currently in the bucket is at 6 or lower because that’s as low as my test solution goes. That seems way to low right? I was experimenting with the coco because it’s what I have hope I didn’t make a mistake

I suggest a slurry test of your coco, and actually your ph in should should be at 5.7 for optimal. I grow in bags, coco/perlite which requires frequent watering so I am not real familiar with your set up, can you get some pics of it? You really need a ph and tds pen to know what you are giving them and what the runoff is!

Running a DWC in a five gallon bucket with coco coir instead of rockwool because it’s what I had. I have an API freshwater master test kit for aquariums For testing PH but I’ll order a ph and tds meter


I am not 100% sure, but if it where me I would still want to know the the #s of the coco from a slurry test and make sure they are the same as my water. She has nice looking roots and leaves so your doing most things right! Is the coco dry or does it just look that way, I would think it would need to stay pretty wet! What is your plan? I ask because that looks like a narrow area, so pretty soon you will want to start training.

It’s just the top that dries out like that, below that it stays moist. Time to top? I was going to post about that. Should I top it now and make a screen?

How long are you going to veg? You can top after 3rd node, I usually wait a bit but I have more room than you! You can build screen anytime, a true scrog has the plant trained under it for the duration! The way I (and a lot of others)do it is to set the screen when we start flower!

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Maybe one and a half months total? Going into week four right now. Should I go longer if I top? Or did I wait too long. I could always move to a bigger area

Depends on how much weed you want at harvest.

Did a slurry test and it read 6.0. Thinking mute burn is the culprit

6.0 is still a little high for hydro, I would shoot for 5.5! Yeah probably hydroton would be better!