Pests or falling debris?

Hey all, so I have a question about what could be causing this type of dmg to a few leaves on a few of my ladies.

I have been rotating between capt. jacks & neem weekly. Only a few leaves are effected, so maybe my coverage missed a few leaves (unlikely). Side note: it has rained a lolololot the past few days. Maybe the pestic washed off?
Thoughts? :thinking::thinking::thinking:
Thanks all for the replies in advance

looks like its being munched.
Get a good LOUPE and get closeup to the damage

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It doesn’t look like bug damage. Could be wind damage.

Why do you use pesticides every week? Not saying you are doing anything wrong, just seems like over kill if you haven’t had any bug issues.

I don’t use pesticides. If I get bugs I deal with them as they come. Outdoor seems to be the only time I have problems. An occasional worm now and then. I did have aphids last season but tried to keep up with them by hand. It’s labor intensive but kept them at bay until harvest. I tried Green Cleaner once but it wasn’t affective. I ended up with aphids until harvest. The bud turned out to be the most potent I’d grown.


Yeah it does lol
I have been keeping a close eye and haven’t noticed anything crawling around. I even have sluggo pellets to keep those f-er’s away. I’ll check with my loupe and see what see.

Also I believe the only reason I had aphids is because I repotted the plant at the beginning of flower because it was root bound. The plants defenses were down long enough for the aphids to move in.

These are outdoor, and it’s more of a preventative measure than anything. Light spritz of capt. 1 week then neem the following.
I’m not giving them an over dose or anything.
We did get a storm last week that dumped 2” in about 25 mins but everything looked o k :woozy_face:

You could put a small strip of fly paper on top of the soil and you may catch the villain also critters tend to get mobile around sunset, which is my forensic bug hunting time here in West Wales.

My Missus thinks a bird had a mouthful, are there any bird droppings on top of the soil ?


In the three years I’ve been growing here (outside location) I have a natural abundance of lady bugs, praying mantises & spiders. Plants are close to a large raspberry & blackberry patch, also very close to swamp wet lands. So I’ve been very lucky in terms of pests, bud rot… not so much :face_with_head_bandage:

Bud rot gets me a little every year. I plan to lose some bud every outdoor season

No birds that I’ve noticed, the only pests I’ve seen IN garden fencing are a few chipmunks but they’re looking for and collecting the mad amounts of acorns & this monster with sharp pointy teeth

Luckily it was just passing through, after I shored up a section of fence that wasn’t burred

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It’s the most depressing thing lol
I live in the northeast US so the cold damp fall weather is trash for the buds. I’ve taken to topping my plants three times to help reduce the loss, while also scroging and deforestation lol

Sounds like you have your process down.

I live in northern Vermont better known as the NEK. the northeast kingdom.


r u growing in or oot ?

I would keep a keen weather eye on this gal :eye:


the rabbit was a bit of a giveaway, eh?

Haha :rofl: yeah

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