Pests & Neem oil


Hi everyone :wave:

I noticed a pest problem happening with my 4 week old plants. Today I applied Neem oil on the top & under sides of my leaves & to the soil.

My question is - How often and how long do I apply the Neem oil until the pest problem is under control. My understanding according to the company I brought it from is to apply it once weekly up to a month. Is this correct?

I look forward to hearing your tested suggestions.

Thank you
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I apply it once a week until the pest problem is resolved, and then every other week to keep it that way up until the last week or two of flower.


Thanks @Rugar89


5ml neem per litre warm water and just enough handsoap not detergent to emulsify


I used dish soap :persevere:
Will it ruin my plants? @Donaldj


It can burn the leaves sometimes but if it’s a soft detergent and you only used a few drops should be fine some dish soaps are very strong I only mentioned as a caution


I use it all season long. Drop off as the plants get closer to harvest. I also use a hydrogen peroxide wash at harvest time so any residual is washed off the buds.


Im a fan of dietametious earth in vegg. In flower i use dr earth


Hi @Laurap. Do you use a duster or puffer to apply the DE to the leaves?


Actually a small shaker. It goes everywhere as its very fine. I put on top of soil after planting & also mix into soil after baking. If i see eaten upon areas on leaves ill dust entire plant outside tent. Dr Earth is also a good product. (All natural)


Oh thanks @Laurap. I use DE on my manure pile to keep the fly eggs down. But I just broadcast shovelfulls …wouldn’t want to do that on the plants…


You also need to be careful what you apply in flower.


Is there something safe to use during flower, if the pests are still a problem?


I’ve used neem oil up to a few days before harvest. I do a hydrogen peroxide wash at harvest.


Thanks I wouldn’t have thought of peroxide. Soooo much to learn :slight_smile:


Hydrogen peroxide is s new trick for me, too. Look it up to be sure, but I think it’s 8oz in 5 gallons of water, soak 5 minutes, rinse in clean water. Hang in front of a fan to dry. Your buds will be gorgeous.


@PhantomFarmer the anticipation grows…hanging buds!



@Rugar89 thanks so much for the link. I would NEVER have thought of bathing like this. I’ve subscribed to this fella too.

So much to learn :slight_smile:


The soap is to take the place of a “wetting agent” Old timers used Ivory soap. You really want something as mild as possible…that’s all