Pests during flower?

Trying to keep my first grow healthy. I started noticing some little webs and immediately thought spidermites. Starting digging down into the plants with a jewelers loop. Didn’t see any mites running around. Found a couple small spiders and got rid of their web.

I did see some little white flies, which searching around…looks like they are called whiteflies…lol.

My plants are well into flower. Is there anything I can spray directly on these plants to get rid of the pests? I have garden dust but I don’t think i should put it on during flower. Most things I read about say not to get anything on the flower but I don’t see how that’s possible…

Pics are the flies i see, one of the web, which I think was an actual spider rather than mites. And of a cola to see how far on flower they are.

And sorry. I am very nooby. Very new to this

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Capt. Jack’s Deadbug


I’ve been using Growers Ally spidermite and fungicide once before but just started using their newest product Crop Defender. Their crop defender is a miticide, insecticide, and Fungicide all in one bottle instead of having two sprayers. Completely organic and can be used all the way to the day of harvest and wont affect the trichomes.


Is that the Growers Ally Crop Defender 3? Sounds amazing.

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Yes, its the Growers Ally Crop Defender 3. It’s amazing. I’ve used growers ally before they released the crop defender and they have such a great product.

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Just ordered it. Thank you


You’re welcome. Happy growing!!

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I use a mixture of garlic powder and cayenne totally organic and safe, same stuff I use for my veggies.

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I’m unfamiliar with that mixture with cannabis. Might be good for veggies but not for cannabis. I think you’ll be really happy with the Crop Defender when you receive it.

I mix up 10ml/gallon with my sprayer as a preventative and spray right before the lights turn off in the tent or you cover if you’re doing a greenhouse situation. Turn off all fans and spray the plant down top and bottom of the leaves till dripping including branching and just let it sit. It will up the humidity but once you start moving the air around again, you’ll be okay. For a heavy infestation, it’s a 40ml/gallon and spray every 3-5 days till under control.

Jacks is ok for Veg, but not that far into flower. It has cancer causing potential and would be bad in flower.

Lost Coast Plant Therapy. Great stuff, completely harmless to humans can be used right up until harvest.

It is fine for cannabis, been using it a long time. No chemicals or foreign materials, just plane old herbs that bugs don’t like.
Only reason I am seeing pests this s year is because I forgot to plant garlic in the pots with my weed.
Have been using organic methods since 1974.


Jack’s is a spinosad product which is safe for use during flowering. Not even California recognizes it as carcinogenic. Studies conducted by the EPA and the USDA have made statements supporting this.


Correct on produce as it can be washed off, but combustion is not safe. You can use it, I myself will steer clear.

Spinosad Archives - Cannabis Industry Journal.

Check out this article

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It has been found that residue particularly in indoor crops can be found over a month after. Its also horrible of bees and pollinators. Not sure combustion of spinosad is something that is good

Also found this article out of Oregon @shadows

There is no level of spinosad that has been shown to be safe in cannabis that is smoked," says David Farrer, Ph.D., a public health toxicologist with OHA. “Our action levels serve as a pre-market screen, but should not be considered ‘safe levels.’”

The OHA has an action level for spinosad at 0.2 parts per million, which is what the EPA says is safe for vegetables like asparagus. But OHA notes there have not been studies on the effects of smoking the chemical as opposed to eating it. It’s generally thought that smoking pesticides enhances their toxicity.

Dichlorvos dissipates 100 percent. With no residue within a few days. What I read anyway.

I am not promoting spinosad!
I only use garlic powder and cayenne pepper!

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Fair enough…