Pests. aphids? Should use captain jacks every 3 days?

Just exactly what are these bugs?

Definitely looks like aphids. I don’t know if Captain Jack’s works on aphids or not. I think Safer Soap. Does. @Cannabian what would you recommend?

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Yep aphids, anything that kills aphids is fine at this stage, lady bugs work wicked if you can get em and keep em :blush: wgen flowering begins you need to have this under wraps. It cant be left into the flowering phase when you are using pesticides of any kind except for capsicum blends.

Captain jacks will not work on aphids . This is what I used , worked great and organic


ok, i am 9 days in to 12/12 light, no bud sights showing as of yet. so safer soap s cool to use at this stage??

wish i had a hookup for lady bugs

Amazon has lady bugs, ive seen them