Pest spray question

I have 3 WW auto’s at my buddies house for the grow cycle under his care. Trichomes indicate we may be 7 to 10 days out from harvest. He is a savvy grower with general crops, and has had decent weed plants in the past.

I went by to check yesterday and noted we had thrip damage on the leaves which I mentioned to him. He called me last night to say he sprayed the plants, and I asked him what he used. I figured he’d use Neem oil or a Spinosad spray, but he used Orthene (uses for row crops in the field) which may be the worse shit you could use close to harvest.

I figure this poison is systemic and gets into the plant tissues. Any advice other than tossing the plants? What if I flush a couple of times and also rinse off the plants with a gentle garden hose?


I don’t think this will help, but if you feel the need to try and do something:

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God only knows what type of toxic compounds will be created from smoldering the pesticides during smoking, which likely hasn’t been tested due to label misuse. Can’t mix apples and pears when it comes to chemistry. If the compounds sprayed are water soluble then dunking them in a trash barrel with light detergent may do the trick, but if its oil based then likely it penetrated the resin. Anything you do there will still be trace residue.
Know-it-all only comes from reading the labels with strict adherence, otherwise you’re the chemist doing experiments that shouldn’t be done.
Fish farms have been known to regularly use pesticides that warn to avoid using near water.

Guess who doesn’t eat farmed fish?

I doubt I’d smoke that weed either…