Pest problem, what to do

I went to check on my plants this evening and I noticed my baby plant had some of its leaves eaten away. … I’m growing them in my workshop, should I fumigate the shop with raid? Or what do you all recommend. She will be OK right?

Kinda looks like something big took a couple of bites, do you have a cat or dog …a hamster maybe

maybe this is the problem…

Mice Love To Eat Your Marijuana Plants 1
Rats and mice are rodent scavengers that are not choosy in their diet. They prefer garbage that humans indiscriminately discard, but if they don’t have an adequate food supply, they have been known to attack plant material. Cannabis fits into the latter resource.

Rats and mice have long whiskers that act much as a cat’s in that they measure the width of their bodies, thus determining the amount of space into which they can squeeze themselves. Their whiskers act as ‘feelers’ and measuring tapes. This is why you will occasionally find an errant rat in your attic or basement. They go wherever they can fit and eat what is available.

They live in dark, damp places that offer hidey holes as they too, are sneaky scavengers. This is why you are surprised when you happen upon a rat; he doesn’t want to be seen and doesn’t have the prowess to openly seek its food. Rats require one third of their body weight daily in order to maintain. It’s a good thing a rat’s average weight is under a pound! A mouse’s is even less. Download my free marijuana grow bible for more tips about growing marijuana plants.


Seems you may need a cat or dog! All the more reason to visit your local shelter to adopt a pet for the holidays! :thumbsup: :cat: :dog:

  • best wishes

mice is a factor I hadn’t yet considered but they may be an issue for me in my space

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I have the perfect solution!

please see above! lol :slight_smile: :cat:

It’s a win-win

I have 3 large dogs and am pondering adopting another one


I have 3 large dogs and am pondering adopting another one

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That one isn’t mine but is always tied up at trailer park my buddy lives at and I could easily let him into my truck any day

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You have my word I won’t tell anyone if you do! …nobody wants to see a dog treated like that much rather see him join your pack! :thumbsup:


My new cat

Sorry original poster

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for a better mouse trap I got something similar to this style and they are an improvement over the wooden brand I have used before.

Thanks for the replies guys, mice were the last thing on my mind, I thought for sure it was an insect problem… I guess I’ll have to set up some traps around the perimeter of my plants… I absolutely love cats, we have three indoor cats. I just wouldn’t feel right having a cat living in my workshop, I feel like it would be too lonely for the cat

mice may not be the problem but when you said “workshop” I thought bugs and rodents.
they leave signs they were there.

look for sticky paper to catch bugs to see the enemy if it is an insect.

OK so I think I can rule out a rodent problem… Looks like the critter attacked again… If you look at the bite pattern in the pics, it looks like damage an insect would do… So for starters I’m gonna hang some sticky insect strips around my plants to catch what I can.

Besids hanging flying insect strips what can I do to protect my plant?

that’s some very fast leaf damage that you haven’t seen a bug around is what is most surprising

I looked at the link you posted and it looks most like caterpillar damage… But I doubt I have those in my shop

I read a post on insecticides and I saw that Garrigan62 posted m

aking a mixture of three cigarettes and chili powder to make a spray… I think I’ll try it out. I smoke cigs and I do have some cayenne pepper power on hand, so it will be budget friendly


that’s a fine idea