Pest or fertilizer problem?

I am a first time grower, i am outdoors, and using strains headband, kushberry, skunk, and green crack… the majority of my plants are showing yellowing on the edges of my lower leaves, burnt tips on upper and lower, a lot of them are also curling up on the edges. since noticing issued i started a 2-4-1 fish fertilizer. plants have greened up, but still showing all of these signs. I do have them in an area where they get full sun probably 85-90% of the day. any help will be very appreciated. :sweat_smile:

@mainah - I am by no means an expert, but it will help you to get more complete answers if you could upload a few pics of the problem areas.

You will get great help here! I’ve only posted once, but the outpouring of support was phenomenal. Welcome!

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I’m horrible with these phones, but I am going to try to attach pic…

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nutrient burn


This appeared b4 I added the fertilizer, my leaves are also curling up. Same issue?

Sure is a pretty color of green though! She looks really healthy, even with the bit of burn at the very tips of the leaves.

Leaves curling up? Show us a pic with the leaves curling . . .

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The nutrient burn could be the cause of both problems.
What kind of soil are you growing in?

I saw some white (big) dots on one leaf and I think you need a magnifier and look under the leave(that whit white dots). Maybe you can find something. Or maybe not(I hope so)

The intense light makes it so your plants drink and eat faster so depending on soil used it can be more obvious during warm weather it could also be a ph issue with your soil. Temps and light intensity makes plants drink very fast this can make an issue which normally takes weeks to show appear in days. If your ph has drastically lowered you may be suffering a nutrient lockout


I’m using organic promix. They r directly in the ground. But my ground soil is so rocky that I had to dig holes and put the promix in the holes b4 I could plant.

What’s best way to check soil ph levels? I’ve already checked water, it’s good

The concept is to take 1/4 cup of soil from pot mix it with distilled water making a muddy slurry the use a coffee filter to strain water and test once it clarifies some

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Pic of leaves curling up. I have started watering more today, Increased by about 1/3. See if that helps. Will prob change fertilizer to higher potassium

I don’t think that’s unusual; when they do that, I presume that they’re praying to the sun! :slight_smile:

But I confess; I don’t know why they do that.

When the leaves taco like that and get the jagged edges, its from heat stress.
If you could set something up as shade to give her a few less hours of direct sun everyday it would help.
That being said, one of my indoor plants has been doing the same thing for weeks now, but no matter how much I raise the light she just keeps growing taller and wants more of it. Hasn’t been a problem so far.


Mine do that, and in pretty mild weather, so I don’t think necessarily heat stress. I kiddingly said they’re “praying”, but the picture you show doesn’t seem to me to be a particularly unhealthy stance. It almost looks like they’re displaying like a peacock! They seem like they’re loving the sun, not hiding from it. Compare with this picture of tacoing from heat stress:

(I’m not sure if the rules allow this link, so you’ll have to put the link together yourself, if interested.)

www dot growweedeasy dot com/prevent-cannabis-heat-stress-outdoors

I definitely could be wrong. I’m wrong a lot.


Here’s a bit of a taco today on one of my ladies. Watered and fed this morning, 72° right now; not much stress, I don’t think:

(edited to add another)

Here’s Jane lifting her leaves high to follow the sun, as the sun goes down . . . with taco leaves! She wouldn’t do that if stressed.

I’m thinking heat stress as well. Because of sharp tips, also only happening to ladies in middle if patch. I’ve increased my watering which seems to be helping so far.