Pest or deficiency

I have a Luke skywalker and it’s been having purple stem and spots on leaves and some leaves are fading to light green what do u think it might be cheers from Sydney ![image|374x500](upload://si


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Possibly a calmag dificiency. Whats you ph? What nutes are you using. Need to fill out a support ticket for best results.
Ive tried to copy & paste one for you but not enough power. Battery dying.

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Ok thanks mate

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Strain; Luke sky walker og kush

Mixer of homemade compost made from 9 months ago and store bought compost in pots

System type? NA

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? Not sure of run off but I been using tap water when it doesn’t rain wich is a ph of 7 not sure of ph rain water

What is strength of nutrient mix? At the moment I just been giving sea weed solution every two weeks


Temps; In Sydney it’s been wild weather been hot and then drops at the moment it’s 21 degrees or 69 Fahrenheit


Ventilation system; NA

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, NA

Co2; NA

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This is the store bought compost

Looks like deficiency. What’s the runoff pH and ppm?

Not sure of run off at the moment I won’t be able to get run off ph just yet it rain last night

also see some bugs look like tiny mosquitoes

I’m currently growing Skywalker OG from ilgm and it is super big and bushy and appears to be real healthy but it also has red stems. Possibly genetics? I’m going to up my calmag per recommendation I read on this post and see if that helps. Good luck I’ll be watching. Thanks for the Post. Fyi- If it addresses the red stem issue I will reply with good news or bad news. I’m leaning towards red stem genetics just because I add Cal Mag already at 5 mL per gallon. As for your spots on your leaves I’m guessing a pH issue causing a deficiency? It looks similar to stuff I’ve had in the past. Some more knowledgeable growers than i am will have some answers or recommendations too, I’m sure. I’m still learning myself . Have a nice morning

I agree with @Laurap. Looks like cal/mag. Definitely add some to watering and when using tap water adjust the PH to 6.1 for better absorption.

Wat kind of bark is that? If it’s cedar I would get it out of there. What’s ur runoff pH and ppm?

Your ph is a bit high. Top ph for soil is 6.8.

@Gordonbutler PPM stands for parts per million and it is a measurement on Total Disolved Solids (TDS) and can be read with a TDS meter. It measures the amount of solids (nutrients) you have in your water. Typical tap water will have between 100-400 ppm’s already in it. RO and distilled water will have 0 ppms, or close to it. Adding plant food to your water will cause this number to rise. This is how you can track how much you are feeding your plant and how much your plant is consuming.


Thanks for the information…