Pest Infestation?

-Fruity Pebbles, GCS, Photoperiods
-About 6 weeks From Seed
-Medium: Fox Farms Ocean Forest
-Vessels: Fabric pots
-Method used to measure PH and TDS: Ph/Ppm Meter (2in1)
-Indoor 2x4 Grow Tent
-Light system LED SF 2000
-Actual wattage draw of lights N/A
-Current Light Schedule/18:6
-Temps; Day 75 to 82, Night/NA
-Humidity; 65-75
-Ventilation system; 4” Inline Fan
-AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier/Yes
-Co2; No

Any help is appreciated!..

Is this the beginning of a pest infestation? I see little white specs around the tops of the finger leaves…If so any recommendations on which products to use?

Looks like possible aphids.

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You’re good. Those are trichomes on your leaves

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Awe man, this sucks ill look into those remedies. I guess the yellow sticky traps wasn’t enough for a preventative measure…I heard about essential oils mixed with soap as a foliar spray works as well, would ya know anything about that?

Yeah I thought tricomes at first too. I know that’s what the top picture is. This is eaten tho…

So something is eating your leaves. regardless whether those are trics or not.

Oh yeah? Man I was scared but maybe, I should still invest into some pest control just incase lol Ill buy jewelers loop just incase as well

Now I do have 1 little fly that I cant seem to catch, maybe its that little sucker thats eatin away at it…

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Maybe. Keep an eye on it. My bigger leaves usually get frosty on the edges before middle. That’s why I wasn’t saying trics immediately. Still not sure.